P3 with Tube Amplifiers/ In-Rush Current

I FINALLY located and purchased a P3 to do power duties, and to cut down the voltage to run my vintage Luxman stuff. Its currently on cheapy voltage converters… and that simply isnt a hifi solution.

That said… The two tube amplifiers (Luxman MB88u) pull 150 watts each. The rest of the components pull about 50-60 at most. That is well within the limits of the 750 volt-amps the p3 is capable… however, when I was looking at a different regenerator (a UPS Eaton unit) there was a concern about the high in-rush current of the tube amplifiers. Is this a concern with the P3? or is the circuitry such to accommodate such things?

I’m running a Woo WA5-LE and it’s a larger multi chassis tube amp out of a P5. It has never had an issue.

Great to hear! I figured as much but wasn’t sure if I would be limited to the high-current outputs for the tube stuff.

Actually I run them out the high output receptacles.

As I recall, the P3 does not have an outlet with an in-rush limiter. The high current outlet is not regenerated power, but filtered and protected only.

You will not hurt the P3 plugging the tube amplifiers into the regenerated outlets. As long as everything works fine, you are all set.