PS Audio PerfectWave PP 3 power handling ability

Just wondering, what is the limit on the amp size this can handle on it’s high current outlets. I’ve got a Krell S300i integrated which is rated at 150wpc @ 8ohms and 300wpc @ 4ohms. Power consumption is listed as Idle = 20W and Max. 1800W.
I listen fairly loud but it’s a small-ish room so not sure at what capacity the amp is normally running.
The only other things I would have plugged in are my DirectStream DAC and 3 low power LPS’s.

You can use an in line power measuring device to get a rough feel for power used. Amazon has several that should do the trick. If you know someone who has a Fluke with recording capabilities it will most likely be more accurate but the cheap ones will work too.

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My buddy is using the Stellar P3 with a Luxman L509x, DirectStream Sr, a CD transport and a LPS. Using it with full regen. Never even had it close to being outside of the power delivery even when really cranking it up!

You always have the option of “just” using the filtered HC switch on the P3…

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Thanks for sharing this, audiojan! That Luxman may be in my future.

One amplifier that won’t work with the PP3 on a regenerated outlet is the Hegel H390.

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