P5 burn-in?

Hi, like my new p5 very much!

Wondering if powerplant needs to be burn-in? how many hours is needed normally? And what aspect will be improved after burn-in?

Thank you all!

Don’t get too worked up about it. Just plug it in and enjoy it for what it is. If it leads you on a journey of discovery over time then please post your findings for others to share.

Whether we adapt to the P5 or it changes its nature is up for debate. But I do feel that the sound changes. . . in about 500 or more hours it bloomed. . . opened up. . . I became less cognizant of frequencies or dynamics and it was all just presented effortlessly. There was a point where I just forgot about my new P5 and was saying to myself “GODDAMN THIS SOUNDS GREAT!”

Wouldn’t surprise me to hear that coming from you soon Kevin!

Basically now p5 already work so well. Sound so well. completely improve my system. very much details and i can follow tune so easy.

i would rather wish no more changes after many hours :D