P5 not initializing and regenerating.

Small glitch discovered last Monday when I could hear some Hum emanating from my Amplifier. ( DC Offset?)

When I turned-on the display of the P5, I noticed that the values were not right. So I did a re-boot and the outlets failed to initialized and there was no regenerating.

My dealer and I contacted PS Audio by email last Monday for a solution and are still awaiting a response to determine if this can be addressed locally or if the unit as to be shipped to the factory.

The P5 is now out of the system. The amplifier is now quiet and I am still enjoying my tunes.

I also had the P5 connected to the Internet to see if it was talking to the Mother Ship. Didn’t seem to matter.

Hoping for a response and solution soon.B.JPGA.JPG

Thats a bummer.

Perhaps now that it has been unplugged for a while, try it in a different outlet. What about fuses?


The unit has been running solo since Monday on a different outlet and now plugged to the internet . The fuse is good.

No biggie…The system w/o the P5 works just as well smiley-music005_gifI just don’t like having a $4000 paper weight around. devil_gif

Alex is working hard trying to find a solution. I had a good giggle when he mentioned that the P5 firmware was “ancient”. Then I realized that anything electronic made yesterday is already obsolete.21_gif

Alex P has a good sense of humor as well as being diligent in his support capacity. He deserves a high five once in a while and is a real asset to PSA.

It is a tough slot to fill and Alex we appreciate you.

Well, we tried everything on-line. The P5 won’t read the new codes. Actually, it doesn’t even acknowledge he SD card provided.So off to Boulder tomorrow morning. That is as soon I locate my UPS Girl.

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Now, there’s an option. How big is your parking lot Paul…?4_gif


That’s one cool plane. Bring it on! I am sorry the P5’s been a booger.

Not only that.

if you look closely you can see Mike in the left front seat. Really!

Paul McGowan said That's one cool plane. Bring it on! I am sorry the P5's been a booger.
No biggie Paul. The unit left this morning with UPS. Purchases and repairs give me an opportunity to meet with my UPS Girl. Lynn has such a lovely smile.

You’re a lucky man. Mine’s a guy, uglier than sin.

Just received a notification from UPS that the P5 has been delivered to the Mother Ship. Hopefully, Alex will be able to have the firmware updated from ancient to modern.4_gif ( And whatever’s been plaguing the unit).