Burning In New Power Regenerators

Hi everyone, I bought a Stellar P3 couple weeks ago and it seems to be taking a very long time to burn in. So, I want to ask what people’s experiences have been with burn in on their regenerator.

How long did it take for your regenerator to completely burn in?

During burn in, what did you notice, what did you hear? Was the progress linear?

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I bought P15 last week of October 2020. Improvements started on day 1, and things got a bit better over the next 30 days:

  1. Bass weight and definition got better.
  2. Sound quality no longer changes depending on time of the day or night. It became consistent.
  3. Sound stage improved in terms of instrument timbre, clarity, and delineation as well as sound stage breadth and depth.
  4. Vocals became remarkably clearer and more natural.
  5. Background noise / distortion was attenuated in favor of music.
    Burn in only increased the above over time. Try plugging your gear without the P3 for an hour and compare.

Congrats on your new P3…

Burn in sadly can take a few hundred hours. Sometimes more sometimes less.
I have some equipment that took 1000 hours to burn in…hard to imagine but true;
the results were well worth the angst…

Hang in there friend …you will be glad you did !!

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Thanks! Did you find the change during burn in to be linear, did it consistently get better with more time?

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Linear yes with the regenerators I have had…
Non linear with the Synergistic fuses.
Very non linear with my Oppo 205 and 105 players.
These went back and forth between wow and ugh
for a good long time maybe 500 hours.
My older AH! 4000 Njoe Tjube cdp with upsampler
took 1000 hours between okay to ugh to okay to ugh
then some better to ugh then okay now then back to ugh…
then one day the ah ha that’s it moment arrived to stay.

So be encouraged your P3 will very soon come into it’s
glory for you!!

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One thing that I forgot to mention in our conversation elsewhere George is that I found that I ended up with different speaker positioning by a bit during and after breakin. If you feel adventurous and can experiment with that a bit.

Thanks Lonson. Let me guess, you ended up pulling the speakers further off the wall behind them?

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George over the years I have pulled my speakers away from the wall
by steps and each pull away from wall improved on everything overall.

Doing so will really let you hear deeper along with the width and height
of the soundstage…

Hope this helps you some!!

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Thanks, dadida! I would have mine at least foot more off the wall if I lived alone, but . . . . then I’d be living alone. :pensive:

I asked Lonson because I was guessing that the increased dynamics would mean the speakers would need more space to breathe.

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Indeed there is a wife acceptance factor that needs to be brought into the equation.

Increasing space behind the speakers will improve dynmamics and everything else
regarding things you like about sound quality.

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Yes, just a few inches and just a few inches closer to side walls. Rooms and speakers are different–my room is long and. narrow and my speakers have both diectional and omni-directional drivers. And yes, wives. . . because I have one my main system is exiled to a loft-like upstairs area that is far from “ideal.” I have another system in the wonderful room that is the living-room/dining-room area that benefits from the better sounding room, but that system’s preamp and amplification components (Decware ZBIT, ZROCK2, CSP2+ with Anniversary Mods and Taboo Mk IV with Anniversary Mods) I am able to hide behind the cadenza my wife insists on using, out of sight and her mind.


Generally speaking, not uncommon to prefer burn in sound and not so much after burn in. Not much that can be done after that :slight_smile:

Update on burn in on my Stellar P3:

My regenerator seems to be burning in quite well, especially over the last few days. However, today I listened in two separate two hour sessions and each time, after maybe an hour or so the bass seemed to drop out for the rest of my listening session. After some experimenting, it seems like the bass had tightened up a lot, but it had tightened up so much that the whole tonal balance was off. I lost dynamic thrust in the bass. Do folks think this is just another phase of burn in and perhaps in a few more days this will even out?

Some info - For one outlet (the amp outlet), I am at about a week and a half of continuous use. The other one (for my SACD player) is nearly at 3 weeks. The power cord I am using for the regenerator had a years worth of burn in on it already.

Any insight appreciated!

In my experience, the sound flavour may change a lot one or the other way before it settles. And as I have mentioned before, the settled sound may not necessarily be “best” variation of them.

Thanks, Nordic. In your experience, how long does it take the sound to settle?

Hey George,

I picked up a brand new P15 earlier this week. Since acquiring, I have listened every day and have not noticed much of a difference (relative to burn-in) as the week moved on.

Hey George …are you leaving your P3 on 24/7 or turning it off when not in use?
That makes a big difference in burn in time. It would be good to play an equipment/
cable burn in type of track and let it play while you are shut eye for the night a low volume.

Some equipment even in the same line up can take longer to burn in than others.
My first regenerator a P5 was good from the onset but improved a lot with time.
My next regenerator a P12 was much better out of the box than P5 but still didn’t come
into it’s own for while…the same for my P15…

Patience is the name of the game here. I’m certain that your P3 will come into it’s
glory very soon…

As a reality check, you may enjoy powering your system from the wall and comparing to what you are hearing with the PowerPlant.

You may be surprised.

Hey David,
I leave my P3 and my connected equipment (amp and SACD) player on 24/7.
Unfortunately, I live in a studio apartment, so I can’t play music at night, but I do run a disc on repeat with the amp on, sound all the way down, when not listening.

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Thanks, Elk.
I may try this, but to be honest, it will be a pain in the neck to do, as the rear of my P3 is hard to access.

To be clear, many things are better in my system sound. Its just that for the last few days the sound has been top heavy and I miss that bass warmth I had previously.