P5 Clean Function: Work Through Dectet?

I have a P5 powering most all of my system. I have a Dectet plugged into one of the P5 outlets to power a few miscellaneous items since I’ve used the rest of the P5’s outlets.
Will the P5’s ‘Clean’ function work on gear plugged into the Dectet, or will the Dectet somehow prevent the clean action from passing through?

Can anybody weigh in on this? Thanks,

It will pass through, but I would consider reversing the order, plug the P5 into the Dectet, and just plug nonessential components into the Dectet.

I have a 4 outlet P300, and I plug that into my Dectet, and the Dectet in to the wall.

It will work just fine. CleanWave adds a ripple of upper harmonics that “shakeup” connected iron to degauss transformers saturated with DC. Those upper harmonic ripples will pass through Dectet just fine.