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I just got a P-20 and I am very pleased with it. It replaced a very highly regarded passive conditioner and my SQ has improved. My question is, what is the clean function? How often do you use it? And how long as in duration do you use it. I tried it and it seemed to improve SQ.

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The manual explains its function and when to use it. I use it once a week for 60seconds. Two presses gets you 60 sec… degaussing connected magnetics. Series of HF that ride on the main waveform and shake things lose as Brett explains…:pleading_face:

Forgot - make sure you are playing music…

[edit] manual indicates the sound may be changed when performing the clean so if you hear a change, that is normal.

It’s a short degaussing of the transformers it powers. Some transformers build up DC, this ‘shakes’ it loose.

It won’t hurt anything, try it and see, wait a few weeks and try it again

I think it improves things but I don’t fuss with it often

Occasionally I use it. It does nothing as far as I can tell but it’s got a nice timer to look at and it’s another button to push on the P20 remote.


Actually: It is not recommended to activate CleanWave
while you are listening as it may not sound correct until the CleanWave cycle has finished.
Direct from the manual.

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@kylemillsap - Oh, my apologies, I have used it that way since day one, just run it and did not pay attention. I will have to do critical listening outside that 60 seconds… thanks…:smirk:

Do you hear a change when it runs? I do but I have to be listening very closely with low ambient noise which rarely happens

I’m pretty sure Paul has said it’s perfectly fine to run anytime

I have not run it while playing, just referring to the manual. Cardri sighted the manual to support his claim, one should be playing music when they clean.

I tried it while playing music and I heard nothing during that time. I’ll do it again and listen more closely.
I wonder if there’s a benefit to having it run longer than the default 5 or 6 seconds?

I’ve run it since day one while playing a tune and never heard anything different; however, never really listened critically, just figured if there is a difference I know why. Moreover, it is always good to pay attention to the manual, especially when sighting reference. For that, my apologies.

cardri, I recently told someone the P12 didn’t have cooling fans! I ran one for several months, and, they never came on! I totally missed where the manual said it was actively cooled.

@kylemillsap - all good, we help each other out and in the end we are all better for it… the best we can do is get all over stuff quick so it does not grow legs and wander… :slight_smile:

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