Clean Wave function

Hello guys,

I never use the CLEAN function of my P10 yet.

How much time is necessary between each time that “clean” the gear?

One time a month is too much?i can choose 10 or 60 seconds, what you recommend?

Thanks a lot!


Have at it all you want. There was a time I used cleanwave between every cut - others do it once a day, some never. There’s benefit just about every time you do it.

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Paul, I had to quit using it with my P300, even though the power amp isn’t plugged into it, they share the same circuit. After use, the transformer in the power amp would buzz. I had the same problem with various power cords. They would sag a little in the input, and it would start buzzing. I finally went back to the stock cord.

It has now remained quite for months.