P5 phase change?


The thing that puzzles me most is the setting for “phase” on P5.

I tried several tests:

                     Phase tune                THD in              THD out           Multiwave (strength 6)          Voltage out

                           0                             1.4                     0.1                       no                                         120.1

                           0                             1.4                     1.6                       yes                                        120.1

                          +10                          1.4                    0.1                       yes                                          120.6

                          -10                           1.4                   2.5                        no                                            119.3

Are these numbers look normal? I will be thankful if someone can teach me what really is going on when I change the “phase tune”?

Thanks ahead!

Welcome, Robert

It is rare phase tuning needs to be used. It is there to adjust the P5’s software to better phase lock loop synchronize with the incoming AC in certain odd circumstances. In these few cases it helps lower the THD.

There is no harm playing with it. So try the various settings if you would like and listen for a difference. Use the setting that sounds bet.

A little bit of technical info: The regenerator syncs with the zero crossings of the incoming voltage. However the peak of the incoming sine wave is usually not perfectly in the middle of the zero crossings, because of the phase of the distortion products. The regenerated wave thus has to be shifted slightly from the input. Typically, the difference is such the PowerPlant can do this on its own. However, the phase setting can be used when the phase difference is extreme.

Thanks for the info. I noticed that the output voltage can change with the phase change. Is that normal?

I imagine so. Guessing, but it probably is a consequence of aligning/misaligning the peaks. I have not played with the phase adjustment in a very long time.