P5 Setup

Hi All

I have recently bought a P5. I have hooked it up to my power amps (Classe CT-M600 Mono Blocks). The max power output I have seen on the P5 is 60% but mostly stays in the 50% range with 300 watts shown as output. Is this a safe range. I was thinking of adding my Pre (Ayre KX-R) and my DAC (PS Audio Direct Stream Junior) to the mix thinking that these would be ok with the power draw.

The second part of my question. The pre and DAC are currently connected to a UPS which is capable of 1700 watts to an isolation transformer. Should I connect the P5 to this set up and run everything through the UPS/Isolation transformer or better to plug the P5 direct to wall and run the equipment of the P5. This is assuming that you all feel its ok to connect the Pre and DAC at all.


To the first part of your question it sounds to me like you’re going to be fine with adding the preamp and DAC to the P5, so yes, you should do it.

To the second part of the question you’ll just have to try it, but if it were me and based on my experience, I would plug the P5 directly into the wall. But, give it a try and see which sounds the best.

I don’t understand why the pre and DAC are connected to a UPS.

The pre and DAC are connected to a UPS because we have frequent brownouts.