P10 turn on load question


I will be useing a P10 to turn on several amps . The following will be used for one speaker setup.

Two Aragon 4004 mkii. One david halfler DH500 and two 1000 watt subs, this is just the amps for my tri amped speakers.

Then the Pwd/PWT combo and a cross over . What would be the best way to approach this setup. Help please.

And the P10 will feed by a 1800 watt UPS system.

Help please.


This is a tremendous load for even a P10 or, for that matter, a single home circuit.

The only suggestion I have is to keep the PWD and PWT together. I personally would put the subs on an entirely different circuit,.

I assume you are using a high quality UPS and not a “standard” UPS, such as that used for computers.


Yes I do not know the model off my head but it is I paid 500 for it .

The over all load is not that high. As non of the equipment will be pushed hard.

It’s a tri amp Infiniti hybrid as the the 1b,s are passive this will be a three way active. With powered subs as well. In the end

It’s not a tremendis load just a complex one. As such I am looking for a way to get the system on line without any faults.

I can turn the amps on seperetly if need

be. There quiescent current will be low. It’s the inrush I worry about and the p10 has that low inrush circuit

Thanks for the reply

Any thoughts ???


keep in mind that although a 15a circuit could conceivably handle 1800 that the P10 is rated,I believe, @ 1500 since it is a power plant and this becomes your new standard.

I would start by connecting the “front end” equipment and then adding slowly to the load while you monitor the usage


Ok this sounds ok. When I am done and have worked out the bugs I will post my procedure for all. But I thought the p5 is 1200 and the p10 is 1500. I can not imagine me going any where near the capacity but who knows. If I do wow there goes another 5 k. And I will need a 3000 watt 208 volt ups as well. Oh my…

Thanks all

Al D


I understand your thinking.

I would put the equipment that dims the lights the most when power up on the inrush/soft start up zone of the P10.

I mention the UPS as the typical UPS puts out dreadful power. Those capable of outputting power we would like to use (both high quality and low impedance) for audio are silly expensive.

Unless there is a compelling reason for having the power backup (such as routine short outages making it difficult to listen to music) I would take the UPS out of the circuit. The sound will likely improve and the P10 will not need to work as hard. Everything you mention will be more than sufficiently protected by the P10 and will quickly reboot if there is a power loss.


Ok I understand as for the ups it’s two fold . In my home in North Carolina . I live in the woods and the power is often going off and immediately returning on . And also the occasional lighting strike. I have lost some equipment to this as well as my microwave. I now have some surge protection locally basically a dac diode type for protection. This helps but I would trust this for anything but a appliance. All tv,s cable boxes etc are through several ups unites… As for here in Nyc both home and office I use them cause I thought it was better… If you know different please advise. I use them on all CPU in the office and my main one in my stereo/ surround setup . Please give me advice on this reg the p5,s and p10. As I thought I was doing good here. And thanks for the great forums here.

Al D


I was afraid this might be the case.

I have the same issue of little blackouts, but mine are less frequent and only interrupt music once a week at most. I sustained a direct lightening hot on the house just a couple of years ago. Nothing will protect against a direct hit like this and once a week interruption is no big deal for me.

A standard UPS is a pretty brutal device electrically. It is great for protecting a computer,etc. but not for critical listening. Really good UPS devices are silly expensive as I recall.

On the other hand, the P10 will do a great deal to fix the problems the UPS creates. I would just power the P10 with the UPS and enjoy your system. :slight_smile:


Your advice is fine and sound. Please do not take offense in your advice. I thought there was something more to say. In North Carolina I do not even have a power regenerator and it is a big system. I use several UPS UNITS for the whole house. It’s bad there. Lighting is another I understand . Basically I’m wondering for here in NYC only as all my office is on ups,s . This is interesting I must research this and I will post it…

Again thanks for the help.


@al: So, your question is about using an UPS in the Big Apple. Am I mistaken?

@Elk: Sorry that you are blacking out. I suggest less Scotch. ;))


Lmao great answer and yes in the big apple is what the question is. In North Carolina there is no choice in the matter…


I’m thinking that in NYC the negatives imposed by the UPS outweigh the potential benefits. As Elk was saying, to get UPS characteristics that lend themselves to the requirements that are friendly to audio gear you probably need to invest in some very expensive units. UPS’s really are rather sluggish and I would think that with all that equipment drawing off of one unit you are not doing yourself any favors, sonically.

Do you unplug all your gear in NC when you are away? It sounds like a nightmarish situation for your electronics.


hello all …

paul returned my email regarding the ups before the p10-5 . here is what he said .

ups before the power plant is fine and many people do this. but he did recommend a pure sign wave type ups. not saying it must be but preferred… after looking and reading I found that almost all ups units are of the stepped type. although there are some that are not they start at about 1k and up for something in the order of 1500 watts. I also found that there is levels of purity as well some being cleaner. I also found that there is no ind standard for this soooo good luck also no name to apply to it either… now it is up to me to make up my mind. in nyc the power is stable so NO ups. but in NC it is a must… for me.

thanks elk it is what you said to begin with…



I was afraid this was the case, but Paul is vastly more knowledgeable than I in such things.

The P10 will ameliorate a good deal of what a UPS produces. I suggest listening carefully with and without the UPS to determine whether it adversely impacts the sound. I would only shop for a “better” UPS if I could hear the UPS in the chain.

Good luck!


I guess its what I will need in NC for sure and I have a backup gen with auto start and transfer switch. so it is a must here goes a grand … but I will listen with and without …


My thinking is that if the sound is just as good with the “cheaper” UPS in the chain as it does without, the cheap UPS is not doing any damage to the sound. If this is the case, you need not spend the extra money for a better UPS.


Exactly my thoughts in this. But I do not have any ps anything there just the ups.units . They are 250 volts each with two 20 amp circuits each total 4. The krell amps are fed through a ISO trans . The base amps in the towers no. The system there is massive . It’s the irs 5 there and it has massive krell amps . I bought the whole setup from a woman in mass after her husband had died. The whole setup is 25 years old or more.

Here in NYC is the new system for my office I am building and such the questions. But your methods make sense to me. I will post when done…


This will be a great opportunity for us all to learn something. Thanks in advance for sharing your observations.

Maybe startup draw from your Krells are why the NC power grid goes down so often. :))




Lmao. Maybe. I am in Youngsville a little town and the power authority distribution is only about ten miles away. But when there is a storm or someone hits a pole the lights go crazy. But I do promise to play and report in my office. In the picks I think Paul has two p10 in back of his speakers. What if any power amps are plugged into that. .? Does anyone here know.