P500 dead receptacles

I have a second hand P500 that is delivering no power from its two filtered receptacles. The 4 regenerating receptacles are working fine. I asked PSA customer service via email and got the equivalent of a shrug and an offhand guess that it might be a fuse. But there are only two fuses, one of which I’m pretty sure would disable the entire unit if it had blown. I looked at the other one and it’s opaque - no way to tell visually if it had blown or not. I could get a replacement for it anyway, but before doing that I’d thought I’d ask if anyone else here had any thoughts.

I have to say I was a little disappointed with the support.

That’s not right and I too would be unhappy with this response. If memory serves the other fuse is likely blown. There’s a mains fuse for the whole unit and then we had a second one for just the filtered outputs. I would replace that one and you should be fine.
Sorry for the lack of support. That’s not our style.

Thank you, Paul. I appreciate the response, here and by email. I thought it odd, too, considering you guys appear in every other way to be all about customer service.

I’ll pull the fuse again so I can see its rating, and go get a replacement.