P5 No outlets are working?

I just bought a P5 that was a demo model. I’ve plugged everything in, the fans turn on for a few seconds, the front display shows green lights for all the zones but none of the outlets on the back seems to be sending any power to any equipment to turn them on. What’s up? Did I miss something in the setup.

I just tried pushing the white reset button seems flabby, not sturdy, maybe the fuse is blown? If so, local hardware store for replacement? And would the front panel still work like it is with the fuse blown?

Try setting the outlet banks to ALWAYS ON. See page 8 of the attached manual.

Also are you solely activating the rear power switch? That initiates the unit. The power switch on the front upper left corner is the standby to power swItch (normally utilized). I’ve attached an owners manual in case you didn’t receive one.

Always On is set and yes I’ve tried the front switch. I’m hoping it’s the fuse. I’ll replace it later this when the hardware store opens. I have a manual and all documentation with the boxes. Thanks for the reply.

Hopefully you can resolve the outlets powering up. Don’t hesitate to reach out to support. They are helpful.

Also make sure the IEC plug is well seated in the rear panel of the P5. I would try another power cable just in case…

You might want to give us a shout on Tuesday if it’s not the fuse.

Just replaced the fuse, no difference. Notice one fan turns on right away then turns off after afew seconds. Probably because its not needing to do anything yet.

I also bought 2 M700’s. I’m sure their fine but I’d like to have had everything set for listening this Holiday. I’m going to contact the HiFi seller and let them know too.

Sounds like a phone call is in order. Tomorrow’s a holiday so call us Tuesday or you can email support@psaudio.com

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