Parasound Under New Ownership

Inevitable but I’m concerned Parasound will become another lifestyle company.

I’ve had 15 or so years of perfect experience with Parasound gear and their staff so I’m hoping some of the DNA Richard Schram created remains at the company.


I agree and their Hint has worked to great effect in my system.

Could have been worse maybe? Just which high end audio does Samsung now own?

Could have been bought by a company that specializes in medical equipment.


Definitely a good point.

If this new owner is simply preparing Parasound for a flip to a mega-corp, I won’t be shocked.

Perhaps the new owners will fix the horrible volume control on the JC 2 BP. I was so happy the day I took it out of my cabinet.

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Having firsthand experience with the new owner, I can truthfully say that Parasound’s best days are likely behind her. I’ve spent approximately $35K in Parasound gear since 2017 and always pleased with their value proposition and unit performance-reliability, until this year that is.

Purchased two new JC1 + amps in January, by June both units no longer working in Class A bios with one of the amps dropping signal output from the very first day. Both units returned late June for warranty repairs. Both units completely rebuilt excluding the power transformer. Both units returned ship via UPS.
One of two units arrived with cosmetic damage caused during repair; I took many pictures of the units prior to packaging just in case something like this happened, glad I did now.

The 2nd unit was lost by UPS, after several weeks of UPS performing an investigation for the lost unit, I had asked David to ship a new replacement. David would not budge insisting that once he is reimbursed for the lost JC1 + amp,
then and only then would he send a replacement. Then it was up to me to demonstrate the amp was new, purchased from an authorized dealer and not refurbished. Pretty sure this info was provided just to get an RMA that took 3 weeks and a bunch of non-sense.
As luck would have it, UPS found the missing amp, someone had removed the shipping label; UPS tracked my original shipper and returned. the unit to David at Parasound. When Parasound returned shipped these repaired amps, they did so via UPS, no insurance and no signature required.

David then informed me via email I was responsible the cosmetic damage, but he would take the high road and send some replacement parts. The real kicker is being told both amps stunk of cigarette smoke, I’m not even sure how that’s possible, this is a non-smoking household. Why would a businessman feel appropriate to pond any warranty responsibility off on his customers. Richard would have been on the phone with me multiple times to ensure me all would be made right, I asked David countless times to please call me of which he never did. Perhaps the demonstration of empathy is beneath the guy. Did David purchase a greased pig with lipstick? Likely yes but don’t neglect the very folks purchasing your equipment, especially their flagship amp, the JC1+.

Not convinced David really cares about the current customer base. When these amps worked, they sounded amazing but now I’m concerned over reliability issues with the JC1 + amp and the hell the retailer and consumer must now navigate with a warranty claim. Why would I even consider their fall special edition JC1 + amp upgraded to 100W per channel class A and serialized likely costing $18K each. Hindsight being 20\20, wish I would have spent my money elsewhere. I now understand why Crutchfield told Parasound to beat it with Crutchfield off-loading their inventory of Parasound gear at fireside sale pricing.


Thanks for posting your experience. That’s absolutely terrible customer service after purchasing two of their flagship amps. Good to know. I hope I never have to send my original JC1’s in, especially after having a brief chat with their technical support about a burnt out LED (before the company sold).

My pleasure. I had really hoped to post a positive experience, I gave David the rope and he literally hung himself. The new warranty process requires the consumer to ship at their own expense, the unit requiring repair under warranty to the retailer who is then required to trouble shoot and verify the problem before Parasound will consider issuing a warranty RMA. How many retailers are comfortable troubleshooting electronics? I’m sure nothing could possibly go wrong. If I were to guess, David commented the observance of cigarette odors to side-step any future warranty claims on either of these units. Pretty darn cheeky considering no one in this house smokes.

I anticipate seeing more of these story’s begining to surface under the new ownership.

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“Less outwardly visible is our continuing commitment to superb pre- and post-sale support for dealers and customers alike as well as our excellent customer service and competent in-house product repair.”

“Less outwardly visible” is CEO speak for non-existent!


I’m afraid you are correct. For the record, all phone numbers and email addresses have been removed from Parasounds website. The only person you can now interact with is David via the

I’ve no doubt my path with David will cross at a show where he’ll have no choice but to take a verbal scolding.

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“He has helped more than 500 U.S. manufacturers improve their businesses by streamlining processes, reducing supply-chain risks . . .”

No we know how he streamlines processes . . . :imp:

Having worked with his last company’s software solution, Infour… was not impressed and, his solution resulted in the lack of supply chain oversight in medical device raw material sources and compliance.

I wonder if the direct sales model was being developed before the change in ownership?

I’ll miss the old Parasound logo if it’s being phased out with the new P Love Music brand.

It was not, Richard was not in the buisness to compete directly with his retailers. Richard was a solid feller and will be missed.