Picked up my first PS Audio component

I got lucky. My local Parasound dealer also deals heavily in the used gear market. The owner recently bought up a stack of gear from a customer, and in the mix was a factory-sealed P10. I borrowed it for a couple days and really liked the impact it has, so I made the purchase.

The P10 seems more than able to supply my entire stack, including a 65" OLED set and a Parasound JC5 power amp (400w/channel stereo amp).

For anyone who cares - I have tried several line conditioners in my system over the years, including products from Furman and more recently the AQ Niagara 1000 and 5000 models.

I owned the 5000 for around 18 months or so but sold it to the same dealer I bought the P10 from. It’s a good unit, but didn’t really improve the sound from the JC5. It improved the “space between notes” but, to borrow a quote from Paul McGowan (about an unrelated topic), “sucked the life out of the sound”. I always preferred running the JC5 directly to the dedicated 20A socket on the wall. The P10 is the first power product (excluding my Shunyata power cords) which didn’t take something away from the amp.

I will comment that power in my neighborhood sucks. I live in a house, but it’s one of the older neighborhoods in my area - a post WW2 neighborhood outside Portland, OR. My house is newer, but the power lines in my neighborhood are a relic of the original development. Seems like I’m the ideal candidate for a product like a Powerplant.

Anyway, cheers.

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Too bad your power lines suck. Bet the rates are high like everywhere else. I’m in California. At least you have power :sunglasses:. The utilities make a ton of money, but need to spend more of their profits on infrastructure.

Congrats on the P10…I have a P5 and a P12. Great units.