Pass Labs XA30.8 vs BHK250

More than anything, I want to learn to objectively compare specs. Since each audio company uses slightly different way to publish these details, I dont know if I’m comparing it in a right way.

If you see these 2 specs, which stands out and why?

XA30.8 Stereo Power Amplifier

two completely different amps. pass is class A. it takes 3.1 amps when idling, and is capable of only 30w at 8ohms at 60w at 4ohms. it is to notice that the power doubles when the speaker impedance halves, which indicates that the amp can provide enough current for difficult loads. You may expect this amp to run hot, consume a lot of power, and not be too powerful. Another thing to consider is the distortion only being published at full power, at 1% is quite high (you may expect lower distortion at lower powers).

The psaudio is class A/B. delivers much more power (250w at 8ohms). THD at almost full power is one order of magnitude better 0.1%.

It is a more modern design, that should run cooler and not limit you so much when choosing speakers.

hope it helps.


The Pass puts out much more power into class AB, as the rating is only for Class A output…as is true for all Pass XA amplifiers…

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I did not know that. I saw the spec of leaving class A at 61w. And now that you are saulyong it, I did the math: 20a at 40v equals 800w. Thanks!