Pass Labs XA60.8

Now that I sold my expensive car for one way down market, I have some cash burning a hole in my pocket (I’ll find a set used so it won’t be that much more after selling my BHKs). I’ve been looking at the XA60.8 to replace my BHK 300 and match my XP22 preamp.

Couple things concern me.

First, they have to go inside my Salamander rack. They fit but somewhat tight. I will have the front, back and sides open. There would be 4” above the amp open to the shelf above. The amps would sit right and left of my P20. About 4” between the XA60.8 and the P20. Seems like enough breathing room but not 100% sure.

Second, is the load 400 watts per amp/channel? That seems crazy high. Should be about half of that correct? The XA30.8 is two channels at half the wattage and it’s rated 400 watts so 800 watts per two XA60.8 amps is consistent with Pass published specs. Still, think I’ve seen here that the real load of the XA60.8 is 200 watts per channel.


To make it clear….the pass lab amps are wider, deeper but shorter than the BHKs…and, I’ll remove the right and left panels that are currently installed.

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Four inches above them should be plenty. But ideally, they might be happiest sharing the top shelf (they are Top Shelf after all), with the preamp, assuming the shelf can hold them.
And yes, they are Class A and they do pull 3.1 amps at idle–each.
They are magnificent.

You’re one reason I’m looking. The weight means they go on the bottom. No other way. Plus, peace in the neighborhood is involved.

I had an X250.8 that lived with a shelf that was 2.25" above it for several years. No issues.
They will break a lot of paradigms that might exist regarding tubes vs solid state.
Right now, i’m listening to my very old XA30.5 that has delicious qualities that I can always hear.
I’m sure you’d agree that many tweaks, upgrades, additions to one’s system often sort of melt into the system over time. A month later, can you still hear it? Well Pass have a personality that never diminishes. I shall will them to my son.


Thanks Ron! Respect your opinion. I’ll likely start shopping soon. Maybe by the end of the year I’ll find a deal that works. I’ll sell the BHKs after I run with the XA60.8 for a while. That way I can sell the BHKs or the XA60.8s. Worst case, the hurt would be reasonable.

Are all Pass Labs amps class A and running full throttle all the time? I really like my Ayre V5 evolution amplifier but wondered what a Pass amplifier might bring considering I have an Aleph P preamplifier.

They have a full line of A/B amps too.


Check with Mark at Reno HIFI in October, when they resume operations. (They moved, so business paused until completed)


Second on Ron’s advice. You’ll be a happy camper.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to call Pass Labs with questions. Like PS Audio, they are most helpful folks. Don’t be surprised if Nelson answers the phone himself. It happened to me once.


The typewriter is cool. :grinning:

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Amsco. What speakers do you have hooked up. I’m very interested to hear your results. Keep us informed. Thanks Tim.

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There is a nice pair for sale on Audiogon right now. I can even pick them up locally. I’m a little surprised they’re still for sale. Tempted but the timing isn’t great and I’m still really concerned about the heat. Talk me into it our out of it?


Reputed to be great sounding amps if they fit the demands of your speakers but do get warm. So it is going to depend on your tolerance of the heat in the warmer months. In the Summer’s warmest months I take the BHK out of the system and replace it with a cooler running amp but I am in Florida not Chicago.

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Just do it! :grin:

I’ve used various Pass amps for the past 30 years. No worse for heat than tube monos, IMHO

Enough already with the heat. They sound beeeyooteeful. They’re worth the heat. Buy a fan.
And they look soooooo cool.


I do love the look of the amps, it is a factor. A fan is a great idea. I’ll have to see what kind of fans like below I can find. The heat in the room isn’t an issue (it’s a big, open space with a nice ceiling height and a ceiling fan that’s always on). Just want to keep the amps and nearby electronics cool enough too. Thanks! Still not sure. The alternative is some high end tubes for the 300s and Iconclast cables. Fun decision either way.


Look at the AC Infinity Aircom fans. I use one with the BHK and they sell them on Amazon so you can trial them.


As much as I love Pass products, you’re certainly not suffering with your 300s.
Try Telefunken 6DJ8s. Expensive but incomparably delicious input tubes.
And Audience AU24SX power cables. I’ve spent a sh#*ton of money to find these standouts.


Albert is a straight shooter, just make sure you’re ready to pull the trigger should you decide to give him a call. He does not like to lose a sale, as in he can be reasonably flexible regarding price. The Pass Labs XA 60.8 are a great pair of mono blocks. To a point it will depend on your speakers. refresh my memory, what speakers are you running.

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NOS? Have tried these in the BHK preamp as well?