Paul and Ted's great adventure on TV



I have seen that guy before. Not joking is he blind or just way to cool for the room weird. I watched a video

With him doing an interview it was very painful to watch . Can someone explain just who he is ?

I mean him no harm but I am very curious. He makes ted and Paul and the msb videos look like oscar winners .



He’s been writing about audio gear for years on the Enjoy The Music web site. Not sure what the story is on the dark glasses.


Well he is much better in this video. You should have seen him I another one he did not have a clue what to ask. Any way I am half way through the video and I must say Paul gets a 10 and ted 9. It really is cool to watch the people who design your products . Thanks guys.

The other guy is fun to watch , but way out there and I am a hippy .




To me it sounded like he expressed a few technical terms completely detached from the topic of discussion… ;))