Watching Paul's videos may not be for the faint at heart

I enjoy watching Paul’s videos on Youtube. Occasionally I see him do things which would never cut the mustard in my listening room. I have seen him sit on a stack comprised of a power plant and a power amp. I would never sit on any of my equipment no matter how ruggedly built it is. I just watch a video about analog where he leans his arm on a VPI turntable. He was very close to the fragile stylus. If that was not enough he than placed his glasses on the turntable again very close to the stylus! Lets not forget the papers he placed on the turntable. I care too much about my equipment to take any chances which may affect it in any way. I like Paul but like having a child in my listening room I would keep a very close eye on him. I hope this does not offend you Paul. I have two sons which we brought up knowing not to touch anything until they were taught the proper way to operate and take care of it. It is always comforting to know that when we visited someone else’s home we never had to worry about them causing any damage. They are both grown men now and I am happy to know they pass this on to their children. Hope that stylus made it safely through the video.

If you break it, you own it!! Oops, he already owns it.


Then you don’t want to know what I was doing last summer in Music Room One. Let’s just say Paul went in there 1st thing the following Monday to make sure I didn’t break anything. Hoping to revisit the Factory and Music Room One with the rebuilt Woofer towers. All I can say is they better have Roon fixed cause I want to hear Tarkus and Welcome To The Machine (amongst other of my Bass Test Favorites) in that room. Great place to visit, tour, and chat with the folks there if you get the chance.

That’s just because Paul is digital orientated, he would never lean on a DAC :wink:


Agree 100%

That turntable is just there for ballast in case a strong wind came in there which could possibly tip over the stand and hurt the dac.

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