Paul and the latest FR30

Just saw Paul’s video where he has the FR30 speaker. Wow! I wasn’t a fan of the original FR design, but these puppies look amazing! Can’t wait to see more.


Those speakers are damn sexy…. But could we get a better looking model to compliment them?? :slight_smile: Hey…I’m family…


Like the speaker trolley/stand in one. Optional accessory? :slight_smile:

There’s a 3000+ commented thread about the new speakers. Paul and Chris have both contributed to it:

It’s a good read.

Yeah, I’ve been in and out of that thread for awhile. Interesting stuff. I just got so excited seeing this new one that I had to post a pic.

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LOVE THEM - much nicer cabinet than last prototype, I really love the grey paint!

Now, for me and my room, give me the top twitter/mid-range box, PLUS, bottom with one front mid-bass, and one side subwoofer in a more compact package - SOLD!

I really hope they’d make the smaller package of the same type.

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For more, see: New PS Audio speakers?