PS Audio FR-30 Speaker Pictured in 2020 Catalog

In the 2020 product catalog that I received with my new BHK preamp, there is picture of the “FR-30 loudspeaker.” Is this the new speaker? I was surprised at how much different this speaker is to the AN-3 prototype. I’m out of the loop . . . . What happened to the AN series of speakers? Is there any information on the site here that provides more details?

This was going to be look of the speaker but it is again taking on some new changes. The design of the speaker has drifted so far from its original AN design that we decided to change the name. Working titles have a tendency to change.

Hum . . . . Do the new changes include discarding the “WAF” wooden ‘feet’/outriggers!?

Likely, but I haven’t seen any final drawings/pictures, so I can’t say got sure.

Thanks James, and FYI . . . . I find it hard to refrain from using a little sarcasm . . . . . But that’s for levity purposes only! I wasn’t trying to be mean!!

Is this new design online on the forum already? I mean last I’ve seen was with the famous wooden outriggers.

No need to apologize. :grinning: As someone that is likely sarcastic too often such as myself, it’s no bother at all.

@jazznut Not that I’ve seen. I’ll let Paul do the leaking when he’s ready.

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I just looked at the two pictures Paul posted previously (not recent @jazznut) in the ‘FR-30 thread’ and those pics are really much more impressive. I don’t think the single photo in the catalog does them justice. I’m still not a fan of the wooden outriggers, but the rest of the speaker (in those two pics) is absolutely cool.

I passed on a really deal on a brand new Focal Kanta for this. Hopefully it will worth the wait.

Well if they ship the brochure of the new design with new products, I wonder that it’s not posted here already.

The brochure is a little older and has a picture of the design that was posted in the other thread.

I see, so it’s no new design after the wooden outriggers but an earlier one…


I liked the wooden outriggers but not the speakers. Black is so 1980s. Am I in a minority of one? You can please some of the people some of the time …

The latest design of the speakers looked great to me, except I didn’t love the metal rings on the side or the wooden leg things. The shape, gray color, and grills looked amazing otherwise.