Paul, did you have any encounters with Julian Hirsch?

Reading Stereo Review in the 70’s sparked my interest in better audio. I always enjoyed reading JH reviews. I know JH was not a big believer ( or so it seemed from what I read) in differences higher quality components make relating to sound quality. I had the impression that any well built amp, speakers connected with lamp cord would serve his purposes just fine. Just curious if you had any conversations or encounters with JH back in the day you would like to share?

Boy, that’s a name from the past. I used to read Stereo Review when I was a young pup in the '70s until I discovered The Absolute Sound in 1977. I couldn’t afford the equipment they reviewed in TAS as a 16 year old, but it was my first immersion into High End that I enjoy 40 years later.

Once I accepted that all amps and speakers did NOT sound the same and that measurements for the most part were meaningless, there was no reason to continue reading Stereo Review. Julian Hirsch was one of the last flat earthers in print when it came to audio.

I blame Julian Hirsch for my buying a Crown IC150 preamp and D150 power amp.
I believed him that specs were what mattered. That was in 1973.
It wasn’t until June '93 that I bought my first issue of Stereophile. I immediately subscribed and I have had a subscription ever since.


Still using the crowns?

The preamp died over 30 years ago. The amp I sold to a friend in the early 2000s, I wasn’t using it. When he died I got it back, maybe 5 years ago. I have it hooked up to a pair of AR90s, in a second system. I also had a DC300 in the '90s, the amps are not very good, but the preamp was terrible.

When I think of crown, I always think about PA systems for schools, churches, businesses, etc. I did not realize Crown offered “home” components as well. To be honest, I wish JH was correct in his assessment of gear. It would make things much cheaper for the audiophile.

Julian Hirsch!!! Wow… I used to read everything by that guy and Stereo Review. For all criticism levied against him, he educated me on equipment in general and there was big value to that.

Bruce in Philly

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Me too ! It was the measurements part that I researched to try & understand which lead to my career in Electronics.