BHK Preamp - Check!

I got my new BHK preamp hooked up last Friday. At first I couldn’t tell any difference between it and the DSJr built in preamp. After letting it cook for the weekend the sound has come to life is definitely better than the DSJr and it was no slouch. As Paul would say it’s “more musical” in every possible sense of the word.
I was primarily looking for a really nice headphone amp and for not a lot more money I decided to buy the BHK preamp and have an upgrade to the overall system along with a really well liked built in headphone amp. I would like to thank Kevin and James in sales along with everyone else at PS Audio for making such a great product lineup here in the good ole US of A. And by the way the headphone amp is killer!

Nice. The HP amp needs a load to break-in. It’s a real good one!

@brett66 Thanks. I had it playing a low volume looped Roon playlist over the weekend breaking it in and trying to get the DSJr display to freeze up at the same time (which it had been doing off and on for a few weeks). I was successful in breaking in the preamp but not getting the DSJr to freeze up again. (separate topic) Both good things.
I have DSJr > BHK pre > M700 monoblocks > Tekton Electron speakers. Not an extreme setup by audiophile standards but a pretty damn nice one for me.

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I’ve got a similar setup, DS and different speakers. Very enjoyable to listen, critically and casually. You owe it to yourself to evaluate the Iconoclast speaker cables and interconnects.

@brett66 how long would you recommend breaking in the headphone amp? I’ve never used mine, but I was planning on breaking in a new headphone cable as well as a new set of tubes at the same time.

I would just use it and when you’re done listening leave it playing. I put my phones in a closed drawer so i couldn’t hear them. 100 hours should get through the majority of the changes.

Thanks, will do. Sounds like a good amount of time for the cable and the tubes as well.

That’s kind of where I am heading next. I’m not going to get too deep into the interconnect and speaker wire jungle but I think the Iconoclast line would be a good place to start - and stop. :grin: I may try out the Belden BAV line of interconnects first. I’m using Mogami interconnects and BJC Canare 4S11 speaker wires now.

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Woo Hoo!!! Thanks for letting us know.