Paul, if the guys you hired aren't done with Wavestream yet...


Please add to their work-list figuring out how to get whatever the new Wavestream will be compatible with Dirac’s Live Room Correction Suite. This is the last step to a fully managed streaming music system - software-based frequency and time domain correction. I’ve used a similar plug in for years with my Logitech Touch and LMS. Please have your team contact Dirac to get the software interface definition allowing Wavestream to interface to this component.


I think the focus should be to get a working, stable version of the WS and leave everything else to future releases.

It is about time.


May not be so easy to do after the hired guns are done reinventing WS. If the interface definition is inherently incompatible with the software design of WS then it becomes a non-starter. My personal opinion is capability like this is important enough to at least ask the software team to understand what it might take. If it’s possible, I have no problem with waiting for it in a future release.


I was reading Kal Rubinsons review of a system (Krell I think) with Dirac and it seems quite intriguing. I’t currently limited to 24/96 but expect 192 soon. However does this work in the PCM domain? Could that prove to be incompatible with DSD?


It may be incompatible with native DSD streaming from a software server - no way to tell from the article. But as it is a software plugin to a music server like JRiver it may someday be able to support DSD. That’s the beauty of this approach. It’s all internal to the backend software server. Once it hits the Bridge II it’s transparent.


Processing DSD means conversion to PWM or multi-bit Sigma Delta. Doing so without degradation is far from easy, just ask Ted. :slight_smile:



I’d definitely like to second this request. I purchased a Mk. II with bridge last spring and built up a new server in December, all in anticipation of using Dirac with Wavestream to fix some room acoustic issues that can’t pratically be addressed with passive treatments. Have the beta versions of Wavestream not worked with Dirac? If this is the case I unfortunately I may need to rethink my DAC / networking directions.

- Gravy


Gravy, to be honest I hadn’t thought of trying it. Is Dirac available in a trial (non paid) form?

Gravy, to be honest I hadn't thought of trying it. Is Dirac available in a trial (non paid) form?


Yes Dirac in trial form is the fully functional package, with an expiration time of two weeks. If you or anyone else have the time to test it, just for basic compatibility with Wavestream beta of course, I and probably quite a few others would be grateful.

- Gravy


Nice tool, but I thought it only supported up to 24/96?


According to one of their support people Flavio (user name flak) who is a regular on the Computer Audiophile forums, the 24/192 upgrade is due out in June, and will be free upgrade to existing users.