PentaTone DSD Downloads - Now Available

Another new source of DSD downloads for the DirectStream DAC. PentaTone has launched their web store offering a number of their Direct Stream Digitally recorded albums as DSD Downloads. The files are available as an ISO from which you can extract Stereo and Multichannel DSF or DFF files using a donation-ware app like Sonore’s ISO2DSD. Very cool !

I like the .iso’s they work fine as a single file in at least foobar2000 and JRiver MC.

Got a couple of them from Pentatone last night. They sound great.

I’m a big fan of ISO2DSD - even sent them some $ for the app. So I’m with you. Continue with the ISO approach.

Interestingly, PentaTone makes you choose between Stereo and Surround for FLAC downloads. But you get both in DSD with the ISOs.