Perfectwave dac II and Roon 1.8


I was using Audirvana until a few days ago when a friend of mine introduced me to Roon and I love the interface and options Roon provides. Now I would welcome some help getting Roon and my perfectwave (Perfectwave II with bridge 1) to play nice and stream via WIFI.

I have installed the Roon core 1.8 and Roon bridge 1.8 on a 64 bit Windows pc. The same pc I used to stream from Audirvana to the perfectwave. I just can’t get the perfectwave to show up under Audio. I see my Nvidia Shield and Chromecast devices, but no dac. My network setup must be oke because I can see the perfectwave under Network and can start the browser interface. Plus: Audirvana had no problem connecting the same way.

Hope someone out there can get me going.

cheers, Alwin

Here is a post on the Bridge 1 card with Roon. It doesn’t appear to be a supported endpoint. I didn’t read through the entire post so maybe there is a fix.

I would suggest calling PSA and seeing if they can work a deal on a new Bridge II card or pick one up used.

Michael is correct, your Bridge I is not Roon ready and Roon won’t be able to talk to it. Trading up to a Bridge II will do the trick.

The retail price on a bridge according to the website is $899. If you really want a bridge I’d search for a used one or you could go with an external streamer. I believe the Sonore devices are around that price and according to others here, the Sonore products sound great.


Sorry for the radio silence, Guys! Thanks all for the input. I’ll use Audirvāna on perfectwave for listening and will stream Roon via the Nvidia Shield. The latter is not as good but for ‘easy’ listening with ease of use controles and lyrics good enough… thanks again…