Perhaps the last word in power conditioners

On the highest end equipment available maybe my 2 p20’s make 3-5% difference. What about something that makes a 50% difference? I mean night and day. Like you just went from Fisher Price to Mark Levinson. I just found it. Unfortunately it is $100,000. Don’t fret though they also make Million Dollar speakers. At what point do we stop? If there is no “stop” to be had, here it is. Interestingly this is 100% passive and regenerates absolutely nothing. It simply makes the AC squeaky clean. I have never experienced anything like this. Perhaps everyone knows about this and I am just an idiot. Explore their other “Uber” products. No offense to PS Audio, it is in a completely different category than the P20 which is already not “cheap” by any means. The P20 is very nice but this takes things to a whole different level. Most very high end gear does not benefit much from power conditioning with their very robust power supplies but here it was night and day. Just witnessed this today.

Okay, wait is over here it is:

It is some behemoth at 178# as well!

Rick makes some pretty amazing products. I still have some of his power cords from his previous company, Virtual Dynamics, which were way ahead of the curve at the time. I recently listened to his entry level interconnects, and they sounded excellent for the money.

Here’s another darling of ac power conditioning that seems to be making a splash of sorts for some folks. You connect it to any 220 breaker in your breaker box and wait for that old black magic to begin…after paying the 5 k Premium first… Its called the gate.

That’s an interesting product. If it’s as good as described, it may be a bargain.

Well if it is as astounding as this thing I heard today $5K is a lot better than $100K!
See, the thing is most very high end equipment can deal with the AC all by itself. Any “help” may improve it 3-5% or even detract IMO. Such as I and others do not plug amps into the Power Plants. It seems to some to “rob” their sound. This thing I heard today was beyond belief. I mean components that may benefit 1% or even detract. Yet it was like night and day… but the price of admission. That is the price of a small home! My whole reference system, yes it is a lot of money but even given the sound I would be hard pressed to fork over 100 Grand for a “power conditioner”. Even though the difference was astounding. that store is in busy urban area though. I live on a rural farm with 2 of my own transformers so don’t even know what it would do here. They wanted the full 100 Grand to borrow it for 5 days. Whole house conditioners are nothing new but apparently “The Gate” is geared towards Audiophiles. It says whole panel but connects to one breaker? Breaker is properly called OCPD- Over Current Protection Device. Plus with AFCI+GFCI could run into problems. those breakers are very “picky”. Like no shared or split circuits ETC. I am qualified to install it. Not DIY but real former IBEW worker. I would have no idea until I heard it of course. The High Fidelity Cables thing is also huge and very heavy. The difference it made was astonishing though. Although like I said busy Urban area compared to quiet rural area with own Xformers maybe not as big as a difference. I like P20 mainly for surge and extra outlets. Yes, I know 10 Grand for just that but not plugging this into $20 strip either. It makes a small difference. I am really curious to know what this thing would do over here but am afraid to load 100 Grand on card. what if they give me hard time to take it back if It does not do what it did there. Anyhow it is too much regardless what it does, just IMO. I can still enjoy my system very well and it may not even make that big a difference here. Audio branches are all the way back to the Xformer. When you run into problems is sharing Xformer with other homes plus industrial stuff down the line. none of that here. I really don’t know but I am hard pressed to find out nonetheless. I just wanted to point this thing out if anyone can “afford” it. There was no comparison to P20 but perhaps just in that type of environment. One way to tell if you have noisy power is if your system sounds better late at night. mine sounds the same 24/7. so not even sure what difference anything makes really. I guess I could have got a Furman but way to late to return P20’s. Plus the LCD “meters” look super cool :slight_smile:

High Fidelity has other lower priced line conditioners that you could try. If one of those made a difference, then you’d know the 100 k unit would make an even bigger difference. Or you could try the Gate for 5 k which has a 90 day trial period.

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Those HFC products work,all of them. I have tried many brands,but really like these.But i would never pay 100K asking price for home auditioning. Not that i ever could afford it :sweat_smile:

Well, on my business card I have enough credit to at least try it. Like I said though, what if they give me a hard time or whatever returning it. I would be screwed. I do have more than that available but don’t really want to spend it on that. We have to ask ourselves what is good enough? I am lucky to have 2 P20’s and a Torus AVR. Maybe not nearly that good but a heck of a lot better than Panamax or whatever. It is like if you have a Z06 do you really need the ZR1? Either will put in jail. I do not know about here but the demo was night and day. However some things I can live without. I do not want to allocate $100K to that. The lower ones may not be better than a P20 so I don’t think you could really compare them. I don’t know. If the $3,000 one is better than a P20 I would kick myself. I doubt it. You get what you pay for. Their is obviously a reason one is $3,000 and the other $100K. I am not completely sure, just guessing. Me personally I can live without that! You would honestly need to be a Billionaire to buy a $100K power conditioner of all things. The P20 is good enough for me. I mean there are all sorts of things. Double conversion UPS has been discussed here for instance but not as good as P20. The Torus is not as good as P20. So there are “levels”. One must just stop somewhere unless they literally have unlimited funds. It was very neat to witness though. I never thought a power conditioner would make ‘that’ much difference on high end equipment. It is actually lower end equipment that often benefits more. Plus as I also said my AC right out of the wall is darn good to begin with. Theirs was most likely far from it. I am not even sure it would make that kind of difference here. Or at least I will keep telling myself :grin:

I just received my “Gate” from Tim Mrock at PPT today. Unfortunately, It will take me a few days to get it installed.
I purchased it for a number of reasons.

  1. Like most of Tim’s products, 90 day money back guarantee…no brainer there
  2. I have his three other products: Apha E card, Total Contact, and Omega E-mat’s and they ALL work as advertised. Collectively they have brought my system to a listening enjoyment level never attained in my system prior to their addition.
    IMHO…before giving my card with $100K deposit for that power conditioner…I would try the “Gate”, and I am basing that on what other customers have said on the Audiogon blog that is linked above, AND my experience with Tim’s other products.

If you will be honest please. I have 2 P20’s on my reference system. The Gate is better? It requires and electrician? If so, I doubt you can return that. Maybe Gate ahead of P20’s?

I’m not sure why the question of honesty is raised…My post is based on my own experience.
I would advise you to call Tim Mrock to have all your questions and concerns answered. He welcomes inquiries. His number is available on the PPT website.

I’ll be very interested in your thoughts on the Gate after you’ve had a good chance to audition it in your system.

No,No. I did not mean you were dishonest. I meant does it “honestly” need an electrician to install it. Like talking slang.

“New revolutionary” and “nanotechnology” says it all.

Seems a little like magic beans.
The description makes it sound like 2 wires, but the pics have a bunch of wires.
If you know how to shut off your main breaker, I don’t think you would need an electrician.
Most of them will be laughing at you the whole time they are doing the install.
Is it UL rated?

Meaning what, that it’s a scam and it can’t be any good? I go more by the what the users are saying about the unit, which looks to indicate the product does what it says it does. Given that they offer a 90 day trial period, I’d be willing to take it for a spin.

At pretty much half the cost… the Akiko Audio Corelli seems to accomplish the same outcome as the Gate,and frankly,looks the part… I own one and it delivers on all fronts. A keeper for sure!