New System - Need a "Do No Harm" Power Device

I’ve ordered a GCD and S300. I also have a turntable and optical transport. I have the pragmatic need for more outlets to power my system. A regenerator is not in the cards financially at the moment (maybe within the next year).

What should I buy on the short term that will give me the outlets I need and do as little harm to my system as possible.

In my older, less resolving systems, I would have bought a “power conditioner.” I’m learning now that those devices may not be all they say they are and that they may actually hurt my new system more than help.

Thanks for any recommendations.

Music Direct have some “open box” specials on Shunyata Denali power conditioners. Worth a look.

Look at the Emotiva cxm-6 if you just want more outlets. I use them They do no harm

If you just need power distribution these are excellent. From Audio Sensibility ! Just need an IEC cable

…you know that new P3 would go really nicely with your new Stellar stack :grin:. It’s worth giving PSAudio a live call if e.g. you have something you could trade in.

I completely agree but its a bit more than I can go for at the moment. I am eyeing a used PerfectWave PowerPlant at the moment though.

There is a AQ Niagra 1000 for sale in the Market section of this forum.
It would not only do no harm, but it should improve the sound.
Other than one of PSA’s regenerators, the Niagra series would be my second choice for an in home audition.

I think Underwood HiFi still has a sale on Stellar P3 for $1700. A stretch perhaps but I’m very pleased with mine powering all source components.

You might check out the Core Technologies 1800 balanced power conditioner, on sale from Underwood HiFi.

The $2000.00 Core Power Equi=Core 1800 is a fully balanced power conditioner. Reviews have been great. Now upgraded with series wiring and with heavier gauge wire. We know of nothing at close to this price with equal peformance.

Get a FREE $399.00 Core Power cord with purchase

List $2,399.00

Sale $1399.00 Delivered

@Gary_M But has anyone heard this in use yet? I was sorely tempted to go this route.

I’ve had an 1800 for over a year and it works great. This model that has been upgraded now that Walter owns the company should be better. Another option is a similar model from Keces that is also an Internet Direct purchase.

Relative to a regenerator? A good addition?

Never owned a regenerator so can’t answer but at Walter’s introductory price if you don’t like it sell it.

though now only available on the used market…no moving parts…

i have fantastic results from the Topaz Isolation Transformer…
this link is a good place to get an idea of its abilities:

this is what i call building a system from the ground up…

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I just sold an Audioquest Niagara 1000. It was replaced by a P20.
The 1000 was a truly excellent product that made a noticeable improvement in sq.
I would try to find one used. You won’t go wrong until you get a PS regenerator, which is another world both in performance and price.

PS Audio Dectet for $500:

Yeah but try a niagra 7000. More fair against the P20. P20 is still better though but huge. Look at that AR12 I posted about. It is just a bunch of top quality capacitors. None simpler than that. The Equi core is a good deal compared to my torus. I am thinking of bringing it back and getting the AR12. It is twice the price though with best power cable. I just do not want noise in our bedroom. My p20’s do buzz a bit. It would be noticeable in the bedroom. The p3 is to small and the p12 is probably likely to buzz as well. I am not sure of course. Plus the heat. I have it boxed in. I really need a passive device up here. There is Richard Gray and Shunyata too but big $$$.

I can’t think of where the buzz would come from. My P20 is dead quiet and it’s running at 50% capacity.

Mine are taxed. Maybe that is why. I believe it might be the Mosfets and not the coil. I guess I could try a P12 upstairs. It will not be taxed so maybe not hum. The P3 is too small wattage.


I’m using the Shunyata Venom + Defender combination to power my PS Audio stack. It been working and sounding ok so far…