Peter McGrath

If you’ve attended an audio show and heard any of Peter McGrath’s demo tracks, you’ve probably wanted to find his commercially released recordings. You can search via Google only to discover that many are out-of-print. A search on eBay will lead you to some, but not all of them.

I subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz and use Roon to access both. Last night, just to see what would happen, I opened one of my McGrath recordings in Roon, clicked on “Credits”, scrolled down to “Engineer” and clicked on “Peter McGrath”. This led me to a new screen, where, below the cover pictures of the McGrath recordings in my library, the phrase “Production (43)” appeared. I clicked on that and found 43 recordings engineered by McGrath. You then can add the recordings to your library or create a playlist of McGrath recordings.

Most of the recordings are available in both Tidal and Qobuz. All are in 44 or 48/16, so it’s not worth checking to see if either has a Hi-Rez version.

@jrango I followed your lead and found 40 McGrath engineered recordings on Tidal. Very cool find.

Could you tell me just one recording that you found on Tidal, so that I can look him up?

James Judd Mahler Symphony No. 1.

Thanks very much!