HDtracks 20% off Box Set Sale


Downloading the Complete Grateful Dead Studio Recordings in 192/24 WAV as I write this. Code = HDBOX20



Christopher, is there any easy way to search for all the available box sets on their site?


Here’s the link from their emails: http://www.hdtracks.com/box-set-sale/?alpha=ALL&utm_source=iContact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=!HDtracks%20Newsletters&utm_content=20140320_box_f


Christopher, I got the 192/24 AIFFs when they first became available. The sound quality is excellent.


Thanks Steve. I really ought to read the emails they send me. :))


@tony22 There is - just as @stevem2 points out.



I agree! I am listening now. I have the Grateful Dead CD’s I ripped and now the HDtracks - no comparison. I have been waiting for this sale. Even posted a plea on their FB page earlier this week.

I could listen to “Scarlett Begonias” all night. “She’s got rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes…”


Now if they only start rereleasing the live stuff … (I’ll go broke).


I wish HDtracks or Acoustic Sounds would release uncompressed 24/192 or DSD files of the Sarah McLachlan catalogue. Now that Acoustic Sounds has announced 45RPM LP’s of her work perhaps the time has come! Hope so.


+1 I wish Acoustic Sounds (Analog Productions) and MoFi would release everything they do on vinyl in high res digital. Most of their vinyl releases also come out as SACD’s so DSD should be easy.



Hey! Where is “Bertha”? I “almost” remember it was on the first album “The Grateful Dead.” Where is it on the HDtracks download?

tony22 said: is there any easy way to search for all the available box sets on their site

I tried various searches to no avail. Then I searched for "grateful dead" and this produced the box set, among other items. If you look above and to the left of the info about the recording, there is a heading that says "Home -- Box set sale -- Grateful Dead" and you can click on the "box set sale" link to get them all (about 25).


@birddogthecat Christopher, oddly enough I don’t think there is a studio version of Bertha. The earliest official release I am aware of was on Skull & Roses (a.k.a., The Grateful Dead Live; a.k.a. Skull F@#c). It would have been nice if they had at least included the earlier live albums (the ones originally released on vinyl) in the set but they didn’t.


@stevem2 I have Berha on vinyl and the CD you mentioned plus the Sunshine Daydream Concert aka The Dairy Concert.



I have those and a number of other live versions (and heard it performed many times). I checked and Bertha was one of three new songs on Skull and Roses so I guess they didn’t feel the need for a studio version. Los Lobos does a nice cover (on Deadicated and their own collection, Just Another Band from East LA) and I’ve seen them perform it live. If you don’t know the story, Bertha was the name of an overpowered electric fan that used to hop around the Dead’s offices in Marin (“I had to move, really had to move …”).


@stevem2 I was a Deadhead for the Truckin’ To Rochester Tour. Did 10 cities. That was my limit that summer. Also played on the Grateful Dead stadium lot softball team. Still have my official baseball cap. I will try to post a photo soon.

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@birddogthecat Very cool hat. I never followed them on a tour. I was going to school in Berkeley from 1974 to 1981 so they were a (really “the”) local band. Once their touring hiatus ended, I finally got to see them in 1976, opening for The Who (10-10-76, on Dick’s Pick’s volume 33), followed by the New Year’s show (released as Live at the Cow Palace; Santana opened). After that it was a lot of Winterland shows, ending with the Closing of Winterland (a facsimile of the New Riders, followed by the Blues Brothers (original line-up with Belushi, Akroyd, Cropper, Dunn, etc.) and then the Dead came on at midnight and played until 6 a.m.). Then a lot of Kaiser shows in Oakland, Warfield in S.F. (those shows, along with the Radio City shows, resulted in Dead Set and Reckoning (their acoustic album, which I highly recommend, particularly on vinyl), Greek Theater in Berkeley (missed the 1981 shows but caught most of the rest), etc. Even after I moved to the east coast I went back to the Bay Area for a lot of shows because my friends were all going. Also west coast shows were mellower than east coast (too many rowdy drunks). They started to lose it after Brent Mydland died and I did not go to very many shows in the '90s. I was just getting interested again when Jerry died. One of the greatest losses was the side projects Jerry was doing, such as the acoustic discs with David Grisman. There should be more material there but no new releases in quite some time.


@stevem2 I have forgotten more than I remember about those days. Georgetown U. was a fairly conservative school during that era. The Dead were followed by a mere handful of undergrads. I did see them play on the West Coast at Golden Gate Park. I think it was a great concert…very long.


My memory is fading too but all the live releases help. :smiley: