Finding Audiophile labels using Roon

If you find, say, a Telarc recording that you like in Roon, and want to find other Telarc’s, clicking on “Credits” and then on the label name yields only the Telarc’s in your library rather than all of the Telarc’s in Tidal or Qobuz.

The workaround is to scroll down on the same screen to “Engineer” and click on “Jack Renner”. This produces a new screen showing any recording engineered by Renner in your library. Scroll down a little further down and you’ll see the word “Engineer” followed by a number. Click on that and you’ll see every recording in Tidal and/or Qobuz engineered by Renner–that is, not only dozens of Telarc recordings (classical and jazz) but anything else Renner engineered on other labels.

Works for other engineers and for producers. So if you like ECM recordings, click on “Producer Manfred Eicher” and you’ll get a list of every ECM on Tidal or Qobuz.

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I’ve created custom tags for every label and add them to albums as they were imported. This defeats the purpose of Roon’s deep auto tagging but I was having the same experience.

If you use the focus button in album view you can filter on label.

I tried this suggestion and it is an easier way to find everything you have in your library from one label. For newcomers like me, procedure is:

  1. Locate any album from the label you are searching for.
  2. Click on “Credits”
  3. On the new screen, click on the name of the label.
  4. A new screen will appear with images of every album in your library from that label. You can then click on the Focus button (mid-screen left) to further refine your search.
    What I was not able to do is to use this method to find every album from one of my labels in Tidal and/or Qobuz. Am I missing something?

Sometimes, the label credits are inaccurate. Hence why I do it manually with custom tags but I am overly obsessive about organization and sorting.

One example, is EMI Classical / Warner Classics. Via merger/acquisition, an album can be consolidated in terms of metadata.