Phono cables vs audio rca

Hi all,
kinda newbie here so forgive the question, can i use phono cable to connect other audio gear? ie dac to pre-amp, pre-amp to amp?

If by phono cable you’re referring to a standard RCA interconnect cable, then the answer is yes.

Most of us prefer to use balanced (XLR) cables for interconnects, but there are plenty of folks and lots of equipment that have only RCA ins and outs.


Hi Paul,
thanks for the swift answer and for the useful info you share with us.
I asked the question cause ive seen phono rca cables (for instance audioquest evergreen comes as phono rca and audio rca) and read that they have different characteristics than “normal” rca

Phono specific cables (from cartridge leads to phono stage/SUT) are generally of lower capacitance and carry a grounding lead

You can use “regular” single ended (rca) cables. Try a phono cable of the same quality as your rca’s and see what differences they bring?


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Hey John2213
thanks but im wondering if the phono cable would be ok for dac to preamp connection


They are quite specific in their sonic characteristics meaning that using them as a connection for vinyl might sound better than another AQ cable designed specifically for digital. Technically they are the same and can be swapped in and out. The difference being in their voicing. That will just require a bit of listening to make sure they work for you. I suspect they will be fine.

yup, misunderstood you there…

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