New Phono cables

I have been using the Jelco cable that came with my tonearm, I really want to upgrade it. My analogue components are ss Zephyr MIMC ES star cart, Jelco tk850l arm, merrill-williams real 101.1 turntable, SUT and manley chinook phono stage. I’m using Bluejean interconnects.


You are cutting yourself short with the Blue Jean cables for that set-up. They are fine, but from what you have for an analog rig you can do better. I have used Discovery Plus 4 Phono cables to good effect, and they may still be available from Joe DePhillips. He used to hang out on Audio Asylum, worth a shot IME. Another option is Iconoclast RCA interconnects, but they may be too stiff for your situation. I also use Nirvana SX-LTD, which may be rather hard to track down.

I am going to upgrade all my cables, just starting with the phono cable. Also looking at fidelium speaker cables.

I was researching the same thing here on the forum recently and I noticed Audio Sensibility phono cables came up several times with positive reviews.

Signature Silver Straight DIN to RCA Phono Cable, is something to consider. Are there others with this phono cable?

Consider Morrow audio they have good budget to high end cables

After reading about Audio Sensibility and talking with them I’ve decided to go this route and update all my analogue cables. Very impressive company.

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Good move, I have one of their Statement SE XLR cables and like it. It was replaced by an Iconoclast SPTPC RCA which I prefer, at a considerable cost difference. If you are ever interested in the Statement SE Silver PM me, as it is not being used and I may sell it.

I’ve decided to purchase the signature Silver cables.



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I brought 1 signature Silver phono cable and 2 pair signature Silver Interconnects.