Interconnects phono to BHK Preamp...what are you using?

Hi-Those of you who have a Stellar Phono and BHK preamp, I am curious what cables have provided the best results from Phono to Preamp. I am in the process of changing up cables and already have swapped out my wireworld Oasis 8 series from DAC to Preamp with Audio Sensibility Statement SE Silver. Barely burned in I can already sense they are more resolving. I am currently using Kimber Kable hero from Phono-Preamp, but looking to move it up a notch or two. Also, i’ll be looking into removing my Oasis 8 speaker cable from Focal’s to BHK250amp… thank you in advance for any experiences or input.

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I’m using Audioquest Colorado XLR and am quite pleased over the previous RCA cables but didn’t compare with others.

The Stellar Phono and BHK are an amazing combination.

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thank you, GTO.

I don’t have the Stellar Phono (yet!), but I’m using Cardas Clear XLR between my NuWave phono and my BHK pre. My entire system is Cardas Clear or Clear Beyond.


Iconoclast OFE XLR

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Also using Audioquest Colorado XLR’s between my NuWave Phono Pre and the BHKpre… Very happy! UPDATE: There is a pair of 1.0 meter open box on the Music Direct website at a steep discount right now :slight_smile:

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yes, i saw that.

I bought my Audioquest Colorado as “open box” and couldn’t tell them from new. Would have been difficult to justify full price for me.

Nordost Heimdall 2 RCA
My dealer thinks they are a sweet spot in the line and I agree. They fit my system nicely

He sells AQ, Synergistic, Clarus, JPS among others. I told him I wanted to max out at $1200 for 1.5m rca’s he immediately recommended the Heimdalls


I am really enjoying the AS Statement SE Silver i picked up for my DAC/PRE - I am Thinking about testing them in-between the Phono and pre to test them out. They are reasonably priced and quite happy. -Additionally, there are some Cardas Golden reference and Cardas Clear reflection up for a good price-That may be an interesting option.

I use Kimber Kable Hero for all my component connections in my system. Very neutral huge soundstage noise free sound.

I use Placette Audio balanced cables from the Stellar phono to my Plinius Tautoro preamp.
Very transparent and reasonably priced.

Audioquest Earth from my Pass Labs XP-17. Great analog cable. Detailed and slightly on the warm side of neutral.


I wound up going with Audio sensibility across the board. I picked up another set for Phono-preamp as well as Statement SE Silver for Speaker cable-So far, very pleased and build quality is outstanding. the only cable that is not AS is Amp/Preamp= Morrow MA-7

15ft Iconoclast OFE XLR

Iconoclast GEN II OCC

My turntable to Stellar cable is an Ortofon RCA phone cable. I had been using Transparent Super XLR interconnects for everything going into and out of my BHK pre. For the Stellar, I switched to a Transparent Super RCA cable that I had laying around and like it better.

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Ps audio transcendent xlr across the board.

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