I had to look at Hemming’s to see what price those are bringing these days. Hard to believe people will pay that much for such a mediocre car. Delorean’s movie roles continues to fuel interest no doubt. I remember the day I got to drive one after it first hit the market and was incredibly underwhelmed by that anemic V-6 engine. About the same 0-60 time as my Lexus CT-200h (Prius in a prom dress) commuter car. Sure looked interesting though.


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Reduced to (and maybe always) a novelty for sure…

Still, interesting in its own right; and I wonder what might have been if the DeLorean Motor Company had been able to gain some traction (no pun intended) and become a going concern for a while.


I’ve read negatives about the place. Don’t get it! Wow! Well, a big negative is gasping for air and walking up hundreds of steps for each cocktail/bathroom trip. The crowd vibe is special, at least for the country show I saw!