Beautiful places you've been that have moved you and you'd go again and again

I posted something in humor about Mount Rushmore. One of the responses gave me an idea for a different thread. Where have you that’s really struck you, moved you, made you want to revisit it again and again.

For a while I was fortunate enough to have family in McCall Idaho. We would go out and visit them for a week every summer. I would get up every morning and walk the perimeter of the park on the Payette lake. I don’t think I’d ever tire of that walk. Attached are two pictures from the summit of the park. So, where have you been that you think we should all visit?


Arches National Park. Stock photo below (no pics of my own to share). I could wander forever in Arches and never tire of the beauty of the place. In fact, the entire Four Corners area, most of which I’ve visited, is gorgeous.


New Zealand, but I’d never step foot in that country again.

Three of my children live and work over there! They think it’s heaven! Why wouldn’t you ever go back?

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We visited Arches and Bryce last fall. Hard to pick a favorite. Both beautiful. So very different from the east coast.


Stanley Basin, Sawtooth’s, and Priest Lake, Idaho.
Alsace, France
Alto Adige, Italy

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Yup. I almost posted Bryce Canyon. Agree, how can one really pick between those National Parks? Both are completely unique experiences in the National Parks system.

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Las Aves - a small archipelago off the coast of Venuzuela


and somewhere between my current home and where @tmcqueen lives


One more and I’ll stop. Payette lake I liked because my aunt and uncles place was within walking distance to the park entrance. I was usually in the park before the sun came up. If you don’t mind a 5 or 6 mile drive to the trail head, box lake is beautiful. There was snow on the ground here in July.


The country is absolutely beautiful, but it’s become a locked down prison state.

OH… and the Atacama Desert in Chile


Yes! Regretfully! We have been trying, in vain, to secure places in managed quarantine to go visit our children! No way!

I would also recommend Bryce Canyon, a much different landscape than Michigan! In the general area Zion and Monument Valley are wonderful. Haven’t made it to Arches yet but may get there around the end of March this year. Closer to home for me, I love Lake Superior Provincial Park north of Sault Sainte Marie (Michigan and Ontario), it’s like a miniature Rockies to me. Haven’t been there in about three years since crossing the border to Canada has been either not possible or too difficult for the past two years, but my wife and I will return!


Oops, it appears you visited a “news site” that has all the rigors of, and I quote, “Publishing news is very simple, just click ‘add your news’ on the site and it will take the author to the article upload interface.” and they decided to use the word “camps”.



Tasmania (see Devil below) is one of our favourite places and before we ended up on Grand Cayman we thought of retiring there. The Cayman Islands (see Blue Iguana Below)are a wonderful place to live and I can’t imagine not living there. The Manu River in Peru is a great place as is the high country around Cusco. Another favourite of ours, much less visited by folks is Paraguay, especially the North Chacho (see Chacho Owl below) and the Bolivian frontier. In a two week trip we saw over 100 species of birds we hadn’t seen anywhere else and stayed in a National Park the size of Massachusetts and there were only 8 people there (other than the indigenous tribes which give Anglos a wide berth)


If you’re interested, here’s a link to my travel portfolio Paul’s Travel Portfolio that includes New Zealand, among others. Here’s a few tasty shots to wet your whistle.


Tallinn, Estonia.

A magical trip back in time. Visited for a day while on an extended family Baltic Sea cruise.

I would like to go back and just stay for a week or more exploring the town more, as well as the country and nearby countryside. I also recommend a long, Baltic Sea cruise. An incredibly affordable and efficient way to take in a ton of culture, history and sites.


Acadia National Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Grand Canyon, Chaco Canyon, Yosemite, Muir Woods.


I like to stay home. If I must travel, I like Snowdonia, North Wales - it’s worth a visit :slight_smile:


Not a world traveller, me.
I spent 24 hours in Milan - was offered only Pizza to eat (really) and they were awful Pizza.
I spent 10 days in Trumbull CT - bad hotel, worse food (cheese? I don’t think it was!), freezing cold, and gosh the people were rude!

I can however recommend Snowdonia. The mountains may be small compared to the breathtaking vistas available in US and elsewhere, but they are delightfully pointy, very green (the clue’s in the rainfall figures), and it is a couple of hours away from our home so you can be “back in time for tea” :slight_smile:

The photos above are all excellent of course, and I know I was just unlucky on my two above-mentioned (work) trips, it suits my humour to be grumpy about them!

Also, on the subject of grumpy reluctant travellers, I can recommend the “An Idiot Abroad” TV series (with one Karl Pilkington, from Manchester).
Our favourite quote in this house is still - "Great Wall of China? It’s not great. More like the ‘Alright Wall of China’ " which, when spoken with a Manchester accent, is maximum damning with faint praise.