Plastic Trivia

Most “for sale” listings for the PWD and PWT make special note that the plastic protective sheath remains intact.

Has anyone actually removed one?

If you do, does the sound change?

Is it true they are electronically tested for your protection?

Yes, no and of course… :slight_smile:


Yes, I removed mine and it definitely changes the sound.

There is a subtle change in the timbre of the sound produced when rigid objects strike the upper surface of the PWD at an angle normal to the plane of the top surface. Objects striking at an off axis incidence do not seem to sound different whether the film is present or not. I would describe the leading edge of the sound as more of a “thunk” without the protective cover as opposed to a “tink” with the cover in place. Replacing the cover yourself after removal is of no use as the molecular boundary is permanently disturbed by removal and merely replacing the film is not satisfactory. I have developed a secret technique that is similar (I believe) to the proprietary (I assume) methods used at the PSA skunkworks (they deny it exists) where this mod was originally developed (I gather). If you send me your PWD I will correctly re-apply the film in my barn, er… laboratory… for a modest (relative to the cost of a new PWD) fee that we can negotiate after I have possession of you valuable electronic device. This will not void the warrantee (probably). :^o

Electronic testing is really a moot point. The covering is dangerous if you sleep with it on your face. :-t