Platinum/rhodium wire, 28AWG, buy now for pocket change for your DIY interconnect needs!

I found no manufacturer selling interconnects with actual rhodium in or on the wire itself.
Platinum is already touted as a great sounding material for voltage transmission and rhodium, well, its audible intricacies are reported just for the ultra-thin coatings on connectors.
Remember, there’s no scientific measurements available for why. (Well, the skin depth of rhodium at 20kHz is 740 micrometers, platinum’s is 1160, copper is 460 for reference. But that’s just resistivity and not being ferromagnetic, and 28AWG has a radius of 160,5 micrometers anyway, so…) Gotta trust people’s golden ears.
Here linked, is 10ft of 90% platinum, 10% rhodium alloy 28AWG wire, suitable for a pair of 5ft RCAs. For just over a grand!
If you’re rich, have a go at it and report back, and do use teflon air tubes with silver-plated copper braid shielding!

I’d do this in an instant if I had the capital.

Maybe you’d be interested?

Interestingly I just ordered some 99.99% silver cable for making a power cord. If I hadn’t already spent this months allowance, I’d consider this.


You would actually, seriously, have considered this?
I kinda had that feeling. I’m hoping you consider this later, it could be something amazing. I doubt anyone, ever, has used rhodium alloy wire for interconnects.
Black Rhodium did testing with all kinds of metals and platings and interestingly, they concluded that rhodium-plated molybdenum was best if I recall correctly. Molybdenum wire isn’t even expensive… I guess I’ll be giving that a try…

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Several companies make bulk cable that has very high content silver. Neotech for one makes a cable that comes in around $1400/meter. If you compare that per meter cost to some of the cables that get discussed here on the forum, you won’t find that pricing out of line.

Since my handman skill stops at changing light balls, I know I will end up store them in garage and never do anything with them. Who knows, one day I may sell them at a profit.

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At $40k+ for some power cords, this is a bargain.

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