Playing DSD 128 DirectStream Sr. - MinimServer


I am using a DirectStream Sr. with the Bridge II as source. My setup is an Asustor NAS, running MinimServer, and BubbleUpnp as the control point for the Bridge.

Everything works like a charm.

Until now, I have been succesfully playing DSD64 files using the MInimServer key dsf:dopwav. BubbleUpnp shows shows as output wav 176khz, and the file plays without any trouble.

But now I bought from Native DSD the DSD 128 version of Jazz on the Pawnshop. Using the same configuration (dsf:dopwav), the DirectStream refuses to play the files. BubbleUpnp now shows output as wav 352khz. To play the file, I have to transcode the .dsf to .wav, setting the sample rate at 176khz.

Has anyone bumped into the same problem? I wish I could play the DSD 128 files without transcoding them to wav.

Due to hardware limitation of the Bridge II, it can only handle single rate DSD. DSD 128 is double rate. If you really want to listen to your new files, you could use the USB input. It can handle up to double rate.

Thanks Jamesh for the info.

Do you know if I can downsample dsd128 to dsd64 without transcoding the file to PCM?

I’ve yet to use it myself, but a few customers have let me know that HQPlayer does a great job of downsampling from double to single. if you give it a shot, let me know how it goes.

I too use Hqplayer. But it doesn’t play to the bridge, only USB, AFAIK.

My understanding is that this CAN be done via a setting in MinimServer. See:

EDIT: Apparently not. See follow-on posts, below. Sorry for any confusion.

It might be worth checking this Tascam software out.
From its description, it seems like you’re able to edit the files instead of the program down sampling them on the fly.

Bootzilla, thanks for your help. But in my experience, the input filter option in MinimServer works only as gate to select which files will be affect by the transcoding routine. That is, should I specify dsf(64) the transconding will only work in DSD64, and will not affect other kinds of dsf file. The MinimServer does not have an option to input dsf 128 and output dsf 64. It will output the DSD file in the same sample rate of the input, unless you command it to transcode to PCM, and you will have full control over the output options.

Jamesh, I will look into the software you pointed out. Also, I will keep looking for alternatives, now that I am aware of the Bridge II restrictions to higher resolution DSD (including talking to Native DSD to download the DSD64 music file).

I thought MinimServer could convert DSD128 to “dopwav” on the fly in a way that would output a DoP version of DSD64. If I am wrong about that, I apologize. The potential good news is that this free program (which is Mac and Linux only, I believe) might enable you to convert your DSD128 files to DoPFLAC files with a DSD64-like sampling rate that the Bridge II can handle:

No need to apologize at all. All help is very welcome. I also have come across this software. And I confess I don’t know much about DoPFLAC format. Do you know if it is the same as DoPWav?

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DoP looks just like 24/176.4 (or 352.8k, etc.) PCM so any PCM tool will handle it fine. In principle DoP/FLAC vs. DoP/Wav is exacty the same difference as FLAC vs. Wav.

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Thanks Ted. I will try both softwares (Sonore’s and Tascam’s) and for sure I will report back the findings and user experience of each.

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I’ve used Sonore tool to convert without issue numerous SACD rips of my discs.

Just to leave some feedback about the tools.

TASCAM works painfully slow. As a matter of fact, it appears to convert DSD 128 to PCM then re-convert to DSD 64. Going through PCM just doesn’t make sense. I would be better off transcoding the DSD file through MinimServer.

Sonore’s tool, when in DOP/Flac mode does not downsample (even though the 176 kHz sample rate is select). It only puts the DSD in the DOP “container”. The only way to downsample is to effectively convert to PCM Flac.

Therefore, for now I will just use the MinimServer ffmpeg transcoding capability to listen to the files. I will use the following lines:
dsf(64):dopwav - to preserve the DSD structure of the files that the Bridge II can handle
dsf(128):wav24;176 - to transcode DSD128 to wav 24 bits and 176khz to be fed into the Bridge II.

I really appreciate all the help I have been getting from this community.

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