Mininserver doesn't stream 24192 FLAC

I have a problem streaming 24192 FLAC on Minimserver controlled by BubbleUPNP to Bridge II / DSS recently after Bridge 3.3.3 update, which worked perfectly in the past. Not sure if anyone have the same experience or solution? (BTW the downloaded MQA test files played forever choppy…)

My setting has never changed, , HDD attached to laptop on Windows 7 barebone OS, Minimserver use FLAC:WAV transcode.

Now when streaming 24192 FLAC to DSS, Bubble controller says “Current state of service prevents invoking that action. Connection error or no response received. (code: 501)”.

I reinstalled Minimserver and Minimwatch / even on different Windows 10, rescanned all files, installed BubbleUPNP controller on another Android device, still the same outcome, Bubble forced to play majority 24192 FLAC files on local render only.

In the meanwhile I use JRiver for my DSD ISO playback, the same 24192 FLAC played no issue when I select the tracks from the laptop.

It seems the software issue, if anyone plz help pulling-hair_gif

Hi, I am having a similar issue with Audirvana Plus v3.1.4 playing 24/192 FLAC files to the Bridge II (FW version 3.3.3). But I assumed it was an A+ issue, as I have the same problem when I use A+ to try to send 24/192 FLAC to the renderer in my Melco.

Also, Linn Kazoo seems to work fine feeding the Melco renderer with 24/192 PCM.

I will try Bubble UPnP with 24/192 FLAC this evening and report back here as to what I find.

Hi, I just checked and Bubble UPnP (Android beta v2.8.11p4) is streaming 24/192 FLAC from my MinimServer-equipped Melco (FLAC:WAV transcode enabled) to the Bridge II without issue. Not sure what to suggest, sorry.


Thx Bootzilla for the testing clapping_gifI will do more research myself and hope if other forumners itwasntme_gif

The latest BubbleUPnP update has a new setting that will default everything to 24bit 48Khz via ffmpeg.
There is a thread on the Minim forum that mentions the issue.
I had to change the setting, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the setting or where it is in the Bubble settings menu.


Go to Bubble UPnP Settings
Individual UPnP/DLNA renderer settings ( pick your renderer from the list )
Set “Max Sample rate” to unlimited ( or 192Khz )
Disable “convert 24 bit to 16 bit”

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Thx Mrderrick, I’ll give a try at home later :hugs:

Great suggestion. Another way to go is to pick your renderer and set “FFmpeg audio decoding” to “Never use.” That is how I do it.