Playing DSD file downloads with the SGC

There is no USB to I2S cable. You would need a device for that, such as the Matrix.

The data communication is completely different in USB to I2S. So a simple cable wouldn’t do the trick. This would require a separate device. To keep things simple, I’d just stick with USB. It’ll sound fantastic, but make sure to get a decent USB cable. Something like the AQ Carbon works really well with the GDAC.

Thanks, James. So to be clear, if I want to play DSD downloads through my SGC, I need a computer with playing software that supports DSD, and connect it to the SGC with a USB cable?

Sorry to sound dense, but when it comes to any music that isn’t read from some sort of a disc, I’m at sea.

Craig Burgess


Ha, wasn’t it so much easy when there was just a needle rubbing some plastic and it made music?

Yes, that’ll will be the easiest way to do it. You can get more complex with it and get dedicated servers and what not, but connecting a computer via USB and using playback software that supports DSD will be the easiest.

That’s how I am doing it, MacBook Pro into SGCD into M700’s using a USB and streaming Qobuz or Bitperfect for my stored liberry :wink:

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