Playing DSD from SA-CDs through Bridge II (in DSJr)

Oppo BDP-105–coax/optical–> Directstream Jr. <–Ethernet–Win 10 PC w/Roon (soon)

I know I can’t pass DSD from the Oppo to the DSJr. I’m happy to rip my SA-CDs, but not sure how that would work and if CD ripping software would work or know what to do. I have a mix of SA-CD only, hybrid, 2 channel, multi-channel…how do others get that to work?


Chris V

Hi Chris

You can rip the SACDs with your Oppo:

SACD Ripping using an Oppo or Pioneer? Yes, it’s true!

Thanks, Holzohr. That’s a pretty nerdly series of steps, but lucky for me, I fit the bill.

When I saw Telnet in the instructions, I had to quickly look at the date of the post!