Oppo 103D feeding DS Sr via I2S

I saw previous threads on the Oppomod, but wanted to share my experience. I have recently aquired a refurbished DS Sr and just modded the 103D with the I2S board. Before the mod, the DS was being fed the USB signal from an Aries Mini where I listen to Tidal, and a digital coax from the Marantz SA8005.

The DS really does very well with the higher res streaming, and the redbook CD’s from the 8005 were better than using the 8005’s preamp outputs. However the digital coax was the limiting factor so I had to try the I2S input.

The first track of a redbook CD from the 103D to the DS was really a treat, the vocals pretty much seperated from the rest of the music in the sense there was nothing in the way. The vocals sounded really good before, but this is a completely different experience. I can see what Paul was saying now on revealing the information on the CD, I have a large library to listen to again. Will keep this updated.

I do want to ask about the Oppo settings. I have the DS showing DSD 64 1 Bit with SACD, but the redbook shows 44.1 PCM with the Oppo output set on DSD. The redbook still sounds amazing, so maybe all is working as it should, but want to be sure I have it set right.

why not the same simple mod for the 105?

I have a 103D not a 105, Is there an I2S mod for the 105?

I’m not sure I fully understand your question, but this mod for the 103D takes the DSD signal from the CD and feeds it directly to the DS Sr.

I understand no similar mod for 105

Wondered if anyone knows otherwise

Where to get info on these OPPO boards? I have 105

Ok, I misinterpreted your question. Could be the lack of real estate inside the 105/205…not sure.

@Stephen_Scott https://www.oppomod.com/

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The OPPO does not do SACD over HDMI that works with PSaudio. But there are many cheap boxes that will strip the SACD protection and output I2S. They are all over EBay or Aliexpress for less than $100. I think the one below shows DSD in it. I sold mine a while ago after I ripped all my SACD’s and put on NAS.


@brian.fitterman Correct, the Oppomod if I’m not mistaken, will send the SACD 2CH layer from the Oppo via the added I2S board, as well as standard CD.

This does not use the factory HDMI outputs, but an added HDMI output that matches the I2S pinout.

This is the SACD 2CH from the Oppo to the DS.


The oppo player with the oppomod I2S card will send SACD/DSD to the Directstream Dac. I have the Oppo 203 fully modded.

The top picture with the board and ribbon cables coming out both sides is the I2S board. I had to cut a small hole in the back for the I2S/HDMI port.