Popping sound related to Directstream Junior?

I don’t know if it matters to you, but you give up MQA if you don’t use the Bridge II card but you gain the ability to use DSD128. I had an ultraRendu with a Teddy Pardo LPS and it did not sound any better than the Bridge II card. If I were to get an external streamer again, it would be one that outputs I2S. Something like the Mano ULTRA…

I’m sure psaudio is willing , it’s just a bit frustrating ;).

I had the SOtM sMS-200 Ultra with a sbooster on trail and it sounded very nice but the difference between the Ultra and the Bridge II (DSJ) was to small to justify the cost.
Next step for me is, as speed-racer also mentioned, I2S. In about a week the Mano Ultra will be on trail ;).

https://www.magnahifi.com/en/webshop/product/mano-ulttra (is this allowed?)

Happy listening

Ps almost forgot, volume control will work (tested with SOtM sMS-200 Ultra and Allo USBridge)


Please let me know how the Mano Ultra sounds to you.

I fear that Roon users will left out in the cold when the new “Bridge III” card comes out and active software development stops on the Bridge II card.

Heck, if I don’t care about MQA support, it’s quite likely I would get better sound quality by removing the Bridge II card from the DAC and using an I2S streamer. The Bridge II card is not likely electrically benign and probably contributes more noise to the internals of the DAC than an external streamer with isolated I2S output.

I’ll probably post my findings about the Mano Ultra in the Compatible I2S source devices topic :wink:


Paul has made clear Bridge II will continue to be supported, including Roon. See, here

Paul has also said they will try to include a ROON endpoint in Bridge III, although as I understand it using it as such would waste much of the capabilities of BIII (i.e., it’s ability to act as the server itself).

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I agree that the pops and clicks heard during DSD playback while using Bridge 2 and Roon are very darn annoying and disappointing. But I’m not giving up on the Bridge just yet. It’s my understanding that the Bridge uses an I2s connection internally, and was one of the selling features for me since I really wanted to avoid USB.

For now I reluctantly moved my PC back from the closet and near the Directstream. I’ve connected the USB and created a second zone in Roon labeled USB. This is my short time solution to the DSD problem. I use the Bridge for Tidal/MQA which I’m not willing to give up. I switch to USB for everything else.

I’m still hopeful this problem will get fixed.

I know that somewhere on the forum, the following question, has already been asked but can not find it (sorry).

Is it possible to revert the firmware of the bridge 2 (DSJ) to the point before the popping started (i believe 3.4.5 was the first time )? MQA is not important to me, ROON an Redcloud is ;).

Thanks in advance

Happy listening

Hi Hanske,
When do you hear the popping? There shouldn’t be any popping with the latest Bridge code and Redcloud.

Yeah! But it’s there. And it’s crystal clear even with the DSD Sr.!

Is it happening between tracks, or is it happening throughout a song?

I totally agree Jamesh there shouldn’t be ;). But there is and i’m not the only one.

I could live with the pops (crackle) while starting a dsd file but not with p[ops (crackle) during playback. USB no problems. Only with the DSD Bridge 2 combination (DSJ and i believe SR to). I already set the volume to 80 (even 60) but still pops. Changed cables, switch, etc. etc. etc. back to huron (and yaris) back to redcloud again etc. etc. all to no avail ;(.

Thanks for the response Jamesh. Hope for a solution.



‘Is it happening between tracks, or is it happening throughout a song?’

Both Jamesh but throughout is by far the most irritating!

Using JRiver 22/23 and roon (rock)

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Hello hanske,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this issue and sorry to hear that you are having trouble.
Unfortunately we can’t recommend going backwards in firmware for the Bridge II as this may cause other issues with performance.

We have heard similar reports from a few other customers so our engineering team is aware of this problem and are working on a solution.

In the interim we thank you for your patience and understanding.

As always you are welcome to contact us at service@psaudio.com or at 720-406-8946 M-F 8:30 - 5PM MST.


  • Jeremy

Thanks for the quick response JeremyBe.

I’ll try to be as patient as possible ;). It’s good to know its being investigated. Please keep us informed.


PS sorry for the double post. Tried to delete 1 but it will take 24 hours

I hooked up my DSJ for the first time last night, updated the bridge firmware, and also heard some pops near the beginning of a few songs when streaming Tidal via the bridge using MConnect. It did appear to stop happening after the 10th song or so but I’m not certain. I didn’t take any notes last night but I’ll see if I can re-create the issue tonight and report back as to the precise songs/transitions.

In my case (DSD Sr.), between tracks AND throughout a DSD/DoP song. But I get annoyed just in the last case.

Just adding my voice. I have the same problem with DS Snr. DSD and MQA via Roon with pops etc especially between songs but also during. Appreciate efforts by PSA to fix this. I bought my DS Snr to access these higher res formats. Thanks.

+1 same problem