Popping sound related to Directstream Junior?

Hi kasmenu,

Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Bridge II.
It is possible that there was a firmware install issue.
If you would, please reach out to me here jeremyb@psaudio.com
I’ll get you a firmware install tutorial you can use to overwrite the code in your Bridge II through your LAN.


  • Jeremy

What happened Paul? On February 3 you mentioned to have someone on this problem. Please don’t underestimate this issue. It is not small in my opinion.

Would like to add my name to the list of users using Roon via Bridge II to DS sr and experiencing ticks / pops during DSD/DoP playback, not just between tracks. Doesnt happen on every track but is noticable. No issues with PCM.

Are we 100% sure it’s Bridge related? I hear the same issue with my source component (Sonore SSR) that feeds my Directstream raw DSD via I2S. I hear a little ‘pop’ in between tracks. So either both the bridge and my source component work the same, in that they produce the same pop noise, or could it possibly be an issue with the Directstream? Do other I2S components such as the DMP have ‘pop’ noises between DSD tracks?

Popping during tracks is very likely different than popping between tracks. Popping between tracks is all too common, many sources go to PCM 0’s for a little between tracks, this will cause a little tick if the track that’s ending hasn’t ramped down to 0 or the track that’s starting doesn’t ramp up. I’m not quite sure why but it seems to me that even with a perfect gapless implementation on all sides when the ending level of the old stream doesn’t match the beginning level of the new stream that the transition in DSD is more audible than the similar transition in PCM.

There is definitely a bug in the most recent Bridge code that can cause ticks during play in DSD (I don’t know much about the details.)

There is also a bug in the FPGA code in Redcloud that can cause ticks (or blurbles) in loud material with volumes near 100. You can test for this bug by turning the volume down a little. If the quality of the tick changes and then goes away as the volume is lowered you are encountering the FPGA bug, if not, you may be encountering the Bridge bug or perhaps something like a bad cable, bad buffer size settings in your player, etc.

Ted & others, perhaps not related to this thread, but the subtle and infrequent pops on my DS Sr. was due (as Ted mentioned in a post somewhere) to my USB cable chain being too long. From Laptop to DS I had a 4m (16’) chained thru an Intona then a 2m (6’) to the DS. I removed the intona (thanks ted) and with just the 4m cable I no longer have any issues. All perfect.

Yes, I should have mentioned that the first thing to try is the bit perfect test to see if source settings are correct and cables, etc are working fine. With the Bridge only one of the two sample rate tests works well, but if you can get either bitperfect sample rate test to have a steady green checkmark then you’re probably in good shape there.

I’m having the same issue of pops between tracks, and even in the middle of tracks, using the Bridge II and DSD over Roon. All have the latest upgrades.

The pops are unacceptable.

Try rebooting the machine… power off from the back… wait 30 seconds… I had some odd popssing and noises and the reboot fixed the issue. I live in a power failure prone area and power losses are common so I think that may have been it but I really don’t know.

Post your results here.


Bruce in Philly

Thanks. Have done many times to no avail. Its the well documented Bridge II DSD issue…

New Bridge II firmware has been released.
Perform the update and retest Roon -> DSD -> BridgeII -> DS Jnr/Snr

Just to inform

Looks like you need to reach out to him again. It’s unfortunate that these updates are occasionally problematic for some people.

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This bridge update does fix the popping sound between tracks!
Great job PS Audio!! This time I thought you’d let us down but you didn’t :-):blush:

Updated bridge and I still have the usual pops: DSD playback, DSD next track, volume control from iPad…

What changes were made in this Bridge update?

The recent B2 update is being discussed here:

Updated Roon RAAT for support of Roon version 1.5

Updated Spotify library to 3.15a

Now supports first MQA unfold in Roon with RAAT changes. (MQA fix with Roon and DSP enabled)

Latest MQA library implemented

Improved DLNA/UPnP Device Search

Implemented DSD DFF playback (sending dff64 via DoP)

I am still getting some clicking sounds playing dsd files through Roon and bridge 2, even when the volume of the ds is down to 90 or less (the well documented b2 dsd bug). Is the new release of the b2 code going to fix that? So far, I have used the usb input for dsd files, but it doesn’t sound as good as bridge2.


Paul, to be more specific about my question, I am talking about clicks during tracks and between tracks, only on dsd files through bridge2. This issue has be reported by several other people, but as far as I know, is still pending.


I too hope that this issue can be fixed🙏🏻