Portable/desktop version of the DirectStream DAC for headphones

Hi Paul @adminpaul

Are there any plans to make a Chord Mojo type of DirectStream DAC/Amp, for headphones?

Something compact at a computer desk?

I know there is the Stellar Gain Cell DAC but I was keen on trickle down stuff from Ted’s FGPA work on the DirectStream, much like the Chord lineup has @tedsmith

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Not at this time, though it’s a wonderful product category and I like what Chord does.

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Thanks Paul. Thought I’d ask before pulling the trigger on the little Mojo, for the desk at work.

I really wish I had the money for both a 2nd DSD Snr for the work desk AND a nightshift security guard to watch it while I’m home ! laugh

Just a word of caution re: using a Mojo as a desktop DAC. I did exactly the same. I ran a USB to the charging port to ensure it stayed powered all the time. After several months, I tried to take it on a trip and found the battery would no longer hold a charge. I just sent it off to Chord to have the battery replaced, as it is not field replaceable. I don’t know if the battery was damaged by being constantly under charge or if this is a problem for other Mojo customers but wanted to raise it as a potential issue that you might want to research on the forums.

I also have an original Hugo which I have used for several years as desktop DAC and it works fine and I leave is plugged into power all the time. Of course, a Hugo is a little more bulky to use as a headphone amp while traveling.