Mojo or Oppo HA-1 with Abyss Diana headphones

Hello, I have inherited some equipment and I am trying to figure this all out. First, can a Mojo power a pair of Abyss (they look like Diana, Brown) pair of headphones? I really like the warmth of the Mojo. If I cant power the Abyss headphones with it, I could use a Oppo HA-1. But I’m not sure of the best way to supply it with the music… I downloaded Gabriel Mervine files from here. Do I run the Mojo into the Oppo or just play the files from my computer to the Oppo?
Thank you so much for the advice. I want to respect the equipment that my father have left me and hear what he used to hear.

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Do you have the Mojo 1 or 2?

I believe the Mojo 1 has a unity gain setting to feed a headphone amp (or pre-amp). The Mojo 2 does not have this setting but you can adjust volume to output approximately 3V. I do this and it works great. I don’t have direct experience with the Diana cans but would seriously doubt either Mojo version can power them all on their own…could be wrong. Maybe someone can further chime in.

I run Qobuz from my iPhone/iPad or PC into the Mojo 2, via USB. Grabbing a Poly is also a great option. I hope this helps. I am sorry for your loss.

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I have no experience with Abyss headphones, but I own a Chord Mojo and a Mojo 2. According to users on the Mojo can drive the Abyss Diana cans even though their specs are demanding.

And yes, you can connect your laptop to both the Chord and the Oppo via USB because each one also has an internal DAC (the Chord will need a USB cable that terminates to USB Micro). I would try out both amps and see which one you prefer. If you decide you want to try other amps, etc, Head Fi is a good place to start for info.

Happy Listening!

Thank you Matchbox. I have a poly for the Mojo, but I am trying to stay away from cordless stuff. I will look at Qobuz. I am testing out Tidle at the moment. Are you saying I should try going from computer… to Mojo… to the cans?

Thank you brumtech. I will get a USB to USB type B for Oppo and a USB to USB micro for the Mojo, to compare them. I am trying out AudioGate and Foobar2000… what do you use on your computer as a player?

Sure thing, happy to help.

Actually, I know it can sound counter-intuitive, but streaming Tidal (Qobuz, or music saved to a microSD card) with the Poly will be the best way to use the Mojo. Not to get too much into the weeds, but if you use a laptop/PC, chances are the USB output would not be galvanically isolated. Playing the Mojo & Poly while both on battery power means avoiding noise from a power supply. I still do listen to my Mojo using my PC and enjoy it, though.

I would recommend trying both options: PC (Tidal) to the Mojo and then to the headphones. And then also try the Tidal with Poly + Mojo hooked up to your headphones and see which you like more. You may find the Poly + Mojo be good solution for when you roam the house or are traveling and then the PC solution nice for when you’re at your desktop.

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I don’t currently use a laptop computer as a source, so I couldn’t recommend any software. I primarily use a transport to spin CD’s and SACD’s at home along with a Bryston BDP-2 for the high resolution downloads I’ve purchased. I use an iPad as a source for my mobile headphone rig that uses the KaiserTone software using files I’ve ripped from my CD collection as well as downloads from HDTracks.