Portable music player with built in amplifier + external headphone amplifier

I know this question could sound like another question that was asked recently by someone else on a different topic, but I have no intention of cancelling an order with PS Audio, lol.

I know that there are headphone amplifiers that many of us connect to portable music players. But what if a portable music player already has either 4.4mm or 2.5mm balanced connections and a built-in amplifier, like Fiio M11 Pro, Astell & Kern SA700, or Sony NW-MWA1, for example. Would one still desire a dedicated headphone amp and if so, how would it be connected to the player? I know about (and have) analogue 3.5mm to stereo rca connectors. I do have an older Fiio X3 (version 2) music player that my recently acquired Sennheiser 660s connect to with the 6.35mm to 3.5mm analogue adapter.

Most larger headphone amps have XLR and .25 inch receptacles. You just need an adapter as you stated. Just get the best you can find I’ve got a terrible sounding one that I don’t use because it’s so poor.

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That all depends on the external device of course. If the external device is a Chord Mojo you need a digital connection that most Fiio gear offers. If it’s a simple amp or Electrostatic headphone you need a line out or a headphone out. Again, Fiio usually has you covered. I don’t AK or Sony, but I have done a lot of Fiio. I use Shure KSE-1200 electrostatic headphones with my gear but I also use Fiio amps and such. Fiio takes pretty good care of things.

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