New product idea - End Game headphone amp/DAC

I spend a LOT of time at my computer with headphones. I’m wondering if PS Audio would consider a high end Headphone Amp / DAC with a small footprint for desktop systems?

Headphones and related equipment are a less expensive way for people to get into high end sound and I feel like it’s a huge market that PS could get into.

Yes, I know you have the Sprout, but the headphone power output is way too low for most headphones, especially power hungry planar phones.

The Stellar products are too large to put on a computer desk, so those are out. A case size like the old GCHA/NuWave products would work, maybe even rotated so the inputs & outputs were on the long side of the case.

My wish list for this product:
A version of a DAC at or near the quality of the DSD, (and that includes being Roon Ready), Balanced and single ended headphone output, (Actual balanced circuit, not just a 4 pin jack for connivence) Tube input stage like the BHK products, A minimum of 1.5 watts of power at all impedances, cross feed and phase control.

What do you think Paul?

It’s a pretty crowded market. There are a TON of HP amps and DACs that are small form factor.

I know. I just would like to see one from PS with their quality and warranty :slight_smile:

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The SGCDac has a very nice headphone amp in it. I have one in my office, next to my computer. It is not classified as Roon Ready though.

Take a look at the Benchmark DAC3 headphone amps or the Headamp GSX-mini. Both excellent small footprint amps. These aren’t Roon Ready either so you’d need an endpoint or run it out of a computer via USB.

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Had a Benchmark. On the bright and fatiguing side, got rid of it. GSX is strictly an amp, no DAC inside, but Headamp makes nice stuff.

Correct on the Headamp GSX-mini being analog only.

I have all three of the ones I mentioned. The Stellar Gain Cell Dac does a nice job running headphones.

If they could get the Gain Cell tech into a smaller package they’d have a winner. Selectable output gain for IEMs and high impedance headphones with dead accurate L/R volume control. Sign me up.

Has to fit on my desk at work though. I don’t spend much time listening to headphones at home.

Yes what he said. Gain control and high impedence capacity!

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This is pretty awesome, I tried the Niimbus US4 + which is from the same company but their higher end line, amazing but I was having issues with the source feeding it so I returned it.

This includes a DAC

Yow! That price kinda hurts

Yeah that’s the only downside…there have got to be better options for less. Just thought I’d throw it out there!