PS audio GCHA headphone amp

Hello good people. I actually created my account just now to ask this question so I’m hoping I get at least a response.

First off, I’m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to PS audio stuff(I’ve only owned a few of their DACS) but I have the chance to get their headphone amplifier that until I saw it, didn’t even know it existed. I did some looking online, and maybe I just overlooked it, but I can’t find any output power specs. I have the HEDDphone version 1 and at 41 ohms and 87 db, it’s not exactly the easiest to drive, and I’m wondering if the GCHA amp is powerful enough to drive them. It definitely is a nice looking amp and wouldn’t mind having it but if it’s not going to work with my phones then I won’t bother .Thanks in advance for any responses.

I’ve had one for years, and I even sold it and bought it back when the buyer was re-selling it. I just recently put it back into use, happily, I don’t know about the power output, I do know it has a very robust, probably overkill, power supply, and the Gain Cell itself is a great part of the package contributing to excellent sound.

This review I think reflects my experience: 6moons audio reviews: PS Audio GCHA

The hardest headphones I have to drive are ZMF Ori headphones, and my tube headphone amp can drive them . . . with just a little headroom to spare, the GCHA drives them with ease and a sense of a lot of headroom to spare, drives them far louder than I can listen to them leaving more room still on the volume dial. I can’t say with any certainty but I bet it will handle your headphones as well. Hopefully someone with specs to offer will chime in.


Found info here:

Awesome! Thanks a bunch :pray:

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